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How to Use a Diffuser on a Hair-Dryer to Your Advantage

Wed, 16 May 2012|

Hello. I'm Aubrey Loots, co-owner of Studio DNA Salons in Los Angeles. I'm very excited today to be sharing with you the tricks of how to use a diffuser. What is a diffuser? Some of you might be asking. Well, it's that special tool that a lot of people with curly hair don't know exists and something you should definitely be having at home. Before we start, what I'd like to show you is how to prep curly hair. You want to use at least 2 products. One, a shine product, very light. Got a light hold. It's going to help define the curls when we actually get into using a diffuser and then one of my favorite product, anti-humidity spray. Very different than a hairspray. Doesn't have the hold of a hairspray. In fact, it's not a hold but what it does do, it helps lay down the cuticle of the hair so that you do get those nice defined curls which is a light spritz of anti-humidity spray. The other thing with curly hair as well, you don't want to dry, dry hair. It's really important that you dry the hair from a wet or damp state. So the diffuser essentially is just speeding up curly hair drying naturally. So, if you're rushing off to work, instead of sticking your head out the car window on the freeway on your way to work, you wanna use a diffuser to create the same look. So, we got our hair prepped. We're gonna take our dryer and I'm going to introduce you to the diffuser. Looks like a little spaceship but it actually is a great tool for you to get a great curl in your hair. This one in particular, I love because you can see the fingers that penetrates. So, curly hair doesn't like to be touch or must handle too much. Curly hair certainly doesn't like fingers being run through because we all know what happens when you do that. You end up with a big frizz ball. So, you really just wanna use this tool for what it is and I'm gonna demonstrate. So, we attach a diffuser to our hair dryer. Now diffusers come in all shapes and sizes. I personally like the ones with a penetrating fingers because what we want to do before I turn on my dryer, I'll show you with Megan's (??) hair. You wanna pick up the hair and literally just put in in the diffuser and if you are gonna use your hands to pick up the curl, use it like a clip claws. You don't wanna run your fingers through the hair. So, our hair is gonna sit right into our diffuser and we're just gonna create the heat and you want your heat on a medium heat. Curly hair doesn't wanna be blasted with a very high heat. So again, high heat on curly hair will create a lot of flyaway and frizziness. So, you can see, I'm just letting the hair sit in the diffuser and let the diffuser do all the work. You can also see me rotating the diffuser. Specially with this diffuser with longer fingers 'cause I like getting close to the scalp 'cause what it gives me doesn't just define the curl but it also gives me a nice root lift. And there we have it. The other secret to very important with diffusing the hair. You never wanna dry it 100%. No matter what anyone says curly hair needs a little bit of dampness at the very end just to define itself even better. So, as you can see, we've got a great root lift on Meg. We got some beautiful defined curls and you can see as I'm working with hair, I'm just pinching and lifting. I'm not running my fingers through the hair. Very important to know that. So, you can actually see the difference between Meg's hair like naturally on this side and the extra lift and body we got with the diffuser. So there we have it for all you curly head people out there. I hope you enjoyed with today's lesson on how to create a perfect curl with a diffuser and don't forget your 2 product, the shine spray and your anti humidity spray. Thank you.