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Essential Pilates for Beginners: The Roll-Over

Thu, 17 May 2012|

Hi. I'm Jamie Rutt. I'm a fully certified STTOT-wise instructor and I'm here to show you how Pilates can be fun and effective. So today, we're gonna go over the exercise called the Roll Over. So Stephanie is gonna demonstrate. So go ahead and lie back. So the roll over is all about abdominals. So we're gonna start with a prep because the full roll over can be quite a bit to being with and if you have any neck issues, you're gonna wanna stick with the prep and not go into the full. So go ahead and extend your legs straight up to the ceiling. So for the roll over, you wanna make sure you are pressing into your hands and you feel your shoulders opening. So it's not cheating to use your arms on this one. So all you wanna do is squeeze your inner thighs, use your lower abdominals and on your exhale you're just gonna lift your tail bone about 2 inches off the mat and then inhale down and exhale it up and inhale it down and Stephanie is doing beautiful. She's controlling it all the way up and all the way down. Good. Two more. Exhale and in held down. Last one. Good and go ahead and rest. Now, the full exercise. Okay. You wanna start with the legs straight up to the ceiling. On your inhale, you're gonna lower the legs to 45 degrees keeping the abdominals pulled in. On your exhale, the legs go over your head. Inhale, take the legs part, stretch your feet. Now, exhale. Roll down one vertebrae at a time keeping your legs as close to you as you can. Good. All the way down, bringing your legs together. Inhale and then exhale, legs go over the body. Take the legs apart, inhale there. Exhale, roll down one vertebrae at a time. Keep the legs as close as you can to your body. Good. Let's do one more. Legs together inhale, exhale, over press into the arms. Legs apart. Flex your feet. Inhale. Now, exhale. Roll and melt down through the spine. There you go. Articulating. Good and holding here. Bend the knees in. Good. Okay, Stephanie. Come on up. Good. So you can definitely see the roll over is all about abdominals. You're gonna feel your triceps working a little bit so you really wanna press down into the floor and then work on controls. So work on the spine articulation as you roll back down. So thank you for doing Pilates with us today.