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Pilates Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Injuries

Hi. My name is Jaime Rutt. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor and today we'll take you through a series of exercises that's going to help if you have any neck or shoulder injuries. So, Stephanie is gonna help us today, she's gonna demonstrate. So, go ahead and lay all the way your back . So, we're gonna start first with just scapula isolation. So, if you do have anything going on with your shoulder, you wanna keep everything fairly small and very controlled. So, you're just gonna reach your hand straight up to the ceiling, palms are towards one another. So, for this exercise, you're gonna keep your head down and you just wanna inhale to reach your shoulders off the mat , then exhale, just draw the tips of the shoulders back into the mat. So inhale to stretch and then exhale, works those muscles to pull it down. So, again, you're just working this... this calf isolation , you're just working the tiny muscles in the middle of the back and exhale draw down and the range of motion is very small. One more and exhale to draw it down. Good, let's go ahead and lower your hands down to the mat. So, now we're gonna work on a little stability for you neck. So, again this exercise is very small. Think of it as just a head nod. So, all you wanna do is just tuck your chin into your chest and then lifting up and then lowering back down. And now for here, is keep your head on the floor as long as you can, so just tuck your chin, let the back of the neck slide and then lifting up and lower down. Good, two more. Just tuck the chin as you go up and lower, gonna keep the head on the floor and just tuck the chin and then lifting up. We're gonna have to do one more. So, keep the head down and just... there you go, that was perfect, good. And there lower down, good. So, you see on that exercise, if these muscles here aren't working, you're gonna use the back of the neck, which can put a little more pressure. So you really wanna make sure you raw the chin down and then lengthen the back of the neck to lift up to there. So you wanna really work in proper form to lift your head off the mat. So now we're gonna go through another series of scapula isolation, but from a different angle. So you're gonna come on to (all force?) , now for this one we're gonna put a little pressure on the shoulders. So, we're just increasing the challenge a little bit. So, if you are coming back from a shoulder injury, you wanna gradually build up for this one. So, we're gonna keep the back of the neck long. All you wanna do here is push the shoulders, push the hands down to the floor. Push the shoulders away and then you wanna draw the shoulders laid back in together. And again, pushing down so you feel the stretch to the back and then drawing the shoulder blades together. Good,keeping those abdominals pulled in so you're just working to the upper body. So again you see this one is really small, not much else is moving. It's just the calf isolation. You're retracting the shoulder blades and then you're pushing through in (and protracting?) , good one more and press all the way through and then just settle back into your neutral position, right there. Good, abs in, very nice, good, now go ahead and lay down on the stomach. So, now we're gonna work the muscles through the back of the neck. So, ahead and put your hands underneath your forehead. This exercise is gonna feel much smaller when you're doing it. So when you're lying on the floor at home, make sure you're not trying to do too much. So, all we're doing is working the muscles right in the back of the neck. So, you want to lift your head off the mat, think of slightly giving yourself a double chin, so you get right into here and then lower back down and exhale. Go ahead and lift through the back of the neck and inhale to lower down and exhale to lift. Now when you're doing this at home, its not gonna feel like a lot of work, but believe me, this little muscles here are working enough, so again you keep it small. Do about ten, just to strengthen trough the back of the neck. Good, last one there, good and relaxing down, good. Go ahead and come on up. So that was our series of exercises for strengthening your shoulders and your neck. So if you are coming back from a shoulder of neck injury, make sure you keep the exercises controlled and small and just do it range in motion that you can. Thanks for watching today.