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How to Apply Blush

There's nothing more important than putting some kind of blush on or bronzer after you perfect your skin because when your canvass is perfected, it's just white or whatever color you are and it's kind of, you know, boring if you don't have any creamy blush color coming through your cheeks. You know what I mean? It's just kinda flat. So it's great to be perfected your skin but now, you have no color. So we're gonna go back in and put some cream blush on and what I love about cream blush, it only takes a little bit and you can build it and it looks so natural. Getting that powder sitting on the top of the skin and just press right in. So when you use it since you only need a little bit, I usually take it and just kinda play with it off the back of my hand so that I don't have too much product on my brush. You wanna start where you want the most product because you can work it out from there and just put a little bit on. And when you have too much, go like so, kinda work it up and then you can start building that color up out in and wherever you want it really. I like to kinda focus the most blush where the cheek is around this. You can use your finger if you made a mistake to kinda move it around. Smile for me. Perfect. What's also makes that cream blush is it can serve as a base for other blushes. So what you can after you apply your cream blush is if you're going somewhere and you really want that color to last, you can top it off with a little powder blush. In that way you almost got a little base of color to build upon. I like to choose colors that you would naturally find on your skin tone. So when you naturally blush if you went to the gym or something or running on a block, that's kind of the color tones that you would wanna choose if you're looking for something natural. Now we're gonna top this off with a little bit of powder. What's nice is you don't have to put so much powder on to get a lot of color. Typically if you're using a powder blush, you really have to put a lot on to get a lot of color and then it just looks so powdery on the face. It doesn't look natural. This right here, just using a tiny bit of powder over cream, you're really gonna get a nice natural blush. Just to reiterate, if you're gonna do a cream blush at home, the most important thing to do is to make sure you use little product and start on the back of your hand to make sure that when you go in, you're gonna apply too much to an area. Start where you want the most and work it in and out. And then if you really want it to last, you can always go in and top it off with a little bit of powder.