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How to Apply Bronzer and Blush

Thu, 17 May 2012|

Hi. I'm Katie and I'm a professional makeup artist, with over 10 years experience, and in those 10 years, I've seen a lot of bad Bronzer and I think it's every girls dream is have that full glow and summer hits. But you know, there's a place where you stop putting on the Bronzer and you don't just wanna cover your whole face in it. Because if you cover your whole face in it, and something, it's like you just run a foundation, too shady, too dark. So, what you wanna do though, is make your face look sunkist. So, you're gonna want to pick up a Bronzer that's a little bit darker than your skin tone, and I usually start light. Well, you're just gonna always go back and take... You know, add some more, but it's hard to take away if you put too much on, as it's done. And I like to start up at the top of the hairline right here. Because this is one of the places where you're gonna get a little bit of sun, if you're standing outside. You know, maybe you're at a picnic or barbecue, you're at the beach. There's enough place for everybody tends to get a little bit sunkist there forehead. So, one thing I always tell people, imagine that you are making the number 3 on your face. This being the number 3. You know, you don't wanna do your jawline, your cheekbone, your hairline but you don't wanna fill in every single part of your face, or you're gonna look like tanned face, white body. So, if you have a rounder eyes like I do. This is a great way to cover up the cheekbones and make yourself look a little bit more like that. And if you're wearing something low cut, and you wanna do... You know, a little bit on your neck, that's always a good idea. You don't need to do the whole neck. Just kinda pick 3 spots. I also like to do my ears a little bit. Really focusing the most color at the hairline. Now, Bronzer is not enough. I like to continue with a little blush. So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna put in a brush, that goes great with a Bronze hand glow and we're gonna do something kind of peachy, pinky color. These are great colors to go with the tan, and we're gonna use the same brush for this. You could definitely switch out and use a smaller brush. But if you take the time through the shake off the excess product, you can use the same brush. And when you look at your face and you're deciding where to put your blush. I usually go with the roundest, fullest part of your cheek. So, right here. We'll do that spot on Jamie. But if you had higher cheekbones that filled out and your face is narrow, maybe you'd wanna put that color up here, higher on the cheekbone. It's a personal preference or wherever you would get a rosy glow, would probably be where you'd want focus that color to make up, looks the most natural. And you don't wanted to go up too high on the cheekbone 'cause this is where you're gonna end up highlighting. You just wanna kinda keep it right there, round it up, and just take the time to blend it in. And then you can also go back in and do either highlight or use some kind of neutral tone, to really sculpt out the cheekbones. When you pick up a little bit of this light color. Now, I'm just gonna use that to highlight the cheekbone, like so. And I like to set my makeup with some kind of face (mist?), which is basically just water infused with vitamins and light moisturizers. So, it's gonna take away that powdery... Powdery look on the skin and makes the skin look a little bit more (dewey?). So that's how you can apply blush Bronzer to really give yourself an awesome summer go.