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How to Apply Eyeliner

There are so many different types of eyeliner and so many different ways to apply them. I could probably talk about this all day but I'm not going to. I'm gonna try to cover the basics and then the best thing I can tell you for those people at home is just to experiment and practice. First of all you have to think about what kinda look do you want? Do you want smoky and smudgy? Or do you want crisp thin liner. If you're looking for liner like I have on something that's more liquid looking you're gonna need to have A. liquid liner or B. use gel liner or C. use powder with an angle brush like this. And you're really at the pack it on. So the brush is the instrument in creating this look and I'm just gonna show you when you're using a brush like this at home you wanna almost drop it on to your lash lines and then press it into the place where your lashes meet your lid. No matter what kind of liner you're applying that's the most important thing. Get the liner on the lash line and not on the lid because if you gotta space between your liner and your lashes is going look weird so none about the thing about pencil liners with different types. There are two major types of pencil liners. One there is safe to be put on the water line and ones that are not. And if it's safe to be put on the water line it's called an eye kohl. So don't ever try to put something else in the water line that's not a kohl, it's probably not gonna stick which is pointless so if you're trying to get you know really that smoky, dark, mysterious look and it's just eye liner isn't sticking to your water line, it's probably not the right one it's never gonna works to stop but these are great because the kohl being inside or outside of the eye and when they're outside of the eyes these are not water resistant, they tend to be smudgy which is so much fun for creating a smoky eye. So we're gonna use one of these the retractable one which is nice and we're gonna start putting it in upper water line. You just wanna go right into the lash line. What's nice about this, putting liner in your lash line is that makes your lashes look longer. This is the kind of thing that when you're packing your bags go out for the night you're gonna wanna put this on with your gum and your lip gloss so you're gonna have to reapply. Okay. So now we have done the inside of the eye we're gonna do is we're going to put a little bit of this liner on the top we're using the brush to kind of spread that liner and smooth it out if it's (two dag?) of a line. (Frizzy?) short feathery strokes and right here in the center of the eye we really wanna keep it a little bit thinner because you don't want the liner to be the same width all over across the eye it looks too rounded and it makes your eye look rounded as well. Now I'm using my angle brush that's just gonna smooth this out and I'm going back and making sure that we have enough liner on the lash line to support this so that you don't see a break between what's underneath the eye and what's on top. That gives you really crisp look. This is gonna be a closest to looking like (liquid?) without actually having to learn how to use liquid liner 'cause this is kinda of a pain to master, it takes a little practice. Okay. So now we finished the first hour we're gonna do the second. Look down. So this is just a few tips for people at home, when you're doing this on your own I always tell people keep your eyes open. When you close your eye it's kinda crinkles up the eyelid and when you (dunk?) it smooth an application so just put your head back with down on your mirror. Be super calm and just remember to dodge it along if you make a mistake you're can always (take the kits?) about some eye make up remover oil free and then go and then clean up but practice makes perfect so keep trying.