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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Many people don’t know how to create eye-catching eye makeup. For glasses wearers, the task is particularly challenging. But follow our advice and you’ll be getting lots of attention and admirers in no time.

Speaker:And action. Speaker: For all my girls wearing glasses at home, I get a lot of request for how can I make my eyes look good with make up with my glasses and I'll be really honest, a lot of eye make up with your glasses typically doesn't look good because its too much and then you got frame and sometimes the frame is cutting through the make up and it just looks weird. So, my best advice is to put on your glasses before you do your make up and see where the frame is around your eye and if you're gonna go outside of the frame with your eye make up, it's probably gonna cut off the look when you put those glasses on and make it look a little bit disjarred . So, I usually recommend less is more. And you really focus on the lash line. And keep a clean lid, you can do some light contouring, but the more mascara. The more liner, that smudgy smoky look around the lash line, these are all great looks for glasses and they're gonna make your eyes look fantastic. Crazy dark smoky eye,shadow up to brow, probably now, but then again, if you love it, do it. You know an individual, but today with Jamie, I'm gonna show you the lash line focus. We're gonna start just by prepping her eyelid. Just a little eye base to keep everything in place. This is a neutral tone that matches her skin. When you're in a hurry,you can just toss this on and go. If you don't feel like going through the hall, you know, free shadow contour highlights etcetera. You could just put this on, go right into liner. We're gonna put a little bit of shadow on and do a light contour and a crease. So, what we're gonna do now that we have a light base of shadow on her lid is we're gonna go back in with the medium tone neutral brown shadow and we're just gonna contour a tiny bit. This is something more natural though. It's nothing that is gonna interfere with the frame of the glasses. Now we're gonna go in with a cool liner. Since Jamie's eyes are big enough that he can put that liner on the waterline without her closing off her eyes and making them look small. We're gonna do that to give our b eyes a lot of definition and then we're gonna smudge around the shadows so she gets a very smoky lash line. Will you look at me. Now we're just gonna mix a little bit of a matte shadow and then this light shimmery shadow we've used under her eye and we'll just blend in that into the lash line. You'll notice there's a tiny fall out under the eye. That happens on a few shadow. Some wipes will clean it up. I love that make up wipes on hand or maybe eye cream, anything I can use to sweep away that... that make up. I'm just gonna wipe away there eye (??) make up now with a little make up wipes. Like the color fall out. Now that we've blended out the eyeshadow. We're gonna put on a coat of mascara. Jamie , why don't you go ahead and put on your glasses. So as you can see, the easiest way to define your eyes when you're wearing glasses is to focus on the lash line. That way nothing is fighting with the frame. What we did was just prep your lid, put on some eyebase. You run in there with some black liner right in the waterline and then smudge it out with smooth shadow. Focus in the darkness right around... right around the lashes. Top it with mascara and you're ready to go.