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How to Apply Eye Shadow

Learning how to apply eye shadow is a bit like taking an art class. Think of your eyelid as a mini-canvas. Every day, you have the opportunity to create a new work of art just by choosing different shadow colors, styles, and application techniques.

Hi. My name is Katie. I'm a professional makeup artist and today, we're gonna talk about how to apply eye shadow. There's a few things that are really important to know, when you're... When you're just starting out playing all of eye shadow and you wanna come to make your eyes. It's texture of the shadows, the shape of your eye, the placement and the tools. So, first I'm gonna tell you about texture when it comes to eye shadow. There are many different textures. Satin finish, (buff?), shimmery, loose pigmented shadows and matte. But the most important thing is, that you don't use one type of shadow on the entire eyes. So, you wanna get a couple different textures because different textures is gonna give you a more dynamic look, with lot more dimension. So, for example, if you're gonna close your eyes. Commonly, shimmery shadows or frost, satin, etc. They're gonna reflect light and they're great for highlighting. So, those are great shadows for underneath the eyebrow, across the lid in the corner of the eye, etc. Matte shadows don't reflect the light or typically, the darker color that you're gonna use come through your eye and therefore, those are the colors you're gonna want to put when you want your eye to look deeper. Where you wanna make things recede and that's something that's gonna go along the lash line. You know, smudging with your liner into the crease of your eye, if you have one, and you wanna accentuate that or anyway that you really want things to look a little bit deeper and sultry. So, I've got a couple brushes we're gonna use today. Realistically, the most important brush, if you're gonna only have one, is a Blending Brush. This is the brush that's gonna give you soft edges and make everything look really smooth, so it's not harsh. We're gonna use a Flat Brush, to put on our primer and to pack our color onto our lid, and then I've got one more brush that we can use for highlighting. So, first we're gonna start or prepping the lid with a little bit of this eye base. Eye base typically has Acrylic in it, so it's great, so it keeps things increasing. You can use eye bases that are bright colors... You know, they come in black, brown, whatever color you want. But if you can only have one, you should get one that's neutral, 'cause any shadow will work with it. You just want a little bit of these products, evenly branded over the eyelid. Not you don't wanna put this on and then take a break. You know, you don't put this on, make breakfast, have coffee. You put this on when you go right into your eyesha... You wanna use it while it's still in the drying stages so it has the most adhesive qualities last. After you're going with this, we're gonna start with our shadow. So first, we're gonna start with something neutral. Just put across the lid. This is not very shimmery, but it has a tiny bit of a glow towards the satin. Slightly darker than Jamie's skin color. Now, we're gonna go in, and do a little bit of contouring. So, we're gonna... Wanna pick something darker than the color we used. Something without any shimmer. We're gonna pick up a color with just a tip of the brush, like so. You don't wanna get too much products on the side of the brush that's gonna be all over her face. And you wanna start where you want the most color, so in the corner of the eye, like so. And then you just wanna blend it up. You have too much products in your brush, just kinda... You know, kind of rub the brush in the back of your hand, or remove some of that products so you don't overdo it. And for Jamie's eye shape, being almond like and having a gentle crease like she does. It's great to apply this in this V formation but if your eye is even flatter than this of if you're... For example, some Asian girls don't have much of a crease and you wanna just focus on the lash line and not try to create a crease where there is none. You wanna go with the natural shape of your eye and if you were going out for night time, you could definitely incorporate a darker eyeliner and smudge it in. You can take the shadow underneath the eye. Look at me. It's quickly turning this look into a smokey eye, which is nice. Now at this point, you have 2 colors. One full of it shimmery, one little bit matte but what you wanna do is add something with another dimension. It's going to take this for the next level. So, I'm gonna first... For the little bit of this product, right at the lash line. Look at me. Matte is gonna... And somebody brighten the eye. We're gonna take the same highlight and put it underneath the eyebrow. Just blend it out with your finger. And you look at me. And if you want, you can also take a little bit of this and put in in the corner of the eye. Have you look up. So those are some great tips on how to apply eye shadow. Remember, the most important thing is prepping that eyelid to your eye shadow last, using the right tools or great blending brush to make sure your makeup looks very smooth and it's not too hard on the lines and then take a couple different textures and play around. Just remember to have something shiny and something not, so that you'll get a lot of dimension and that's how you can apply eye shadow.