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How to Apply False Eyelash Strips

Thu, 17 May 2012|

Even people with the longest lashes look better with false lashes. So, that being said, Piper has some extremely long lashes and I'm gonna show you how adding a strip of lashes can really enhance what you've already got and it's the perfect accessory for going out any day of the week and possibly even for daytime. So, let's start out with a little mascara. I always tell people put your mascara on before you put on your lashes, like that because if you start out with lashes on and try to go back and put mascara, it's gonna get kind of clumpy on the lashes. The lashes are already black so they don't need mascara. The way I like to put mascara on, just start on top and then come down and I come underneath and I come up, that way you make sure you get mascara 360 degrees around the lash and one thing that's really important when you're doing lashes, specially if you're fair like Piper, is to make sure that that mascara is all the way to the base of the lashes, another thing we did in preparation (??) lashes is we laid a foundation a track if you will, a black liner because once the lash goes on, if you don't get t close enough to the lash line, it's almost impossible to go back in and get that black liner. So, why don't you start with the liner and put the lash on and then you can always touch up the liner. When you pick on a pair of lashes, chances are they're gonna be either too long or too short, you're gonna have to change them or alter them in some way. So, what you wanna do is peel the lash off and you're gonna want to see how it fits on the eye and decide if you wanna trim it, if you wanna use the full strip or if you wanna use just half. I can already tell this is too long for Piper's eyes so our options are to use the full strip just trimming off the excess. Look at me. Or we can use half of the lash just on the outside of the eye. Look at me. I'm gonna say half of the lash, that would be a great look for Piper because of how long her lashes already are. The people with shorter lashes or lashes that (??), you're gonna wanna use the full strip because you don't have enough lashes just for the half lash. So, when you're gonna cut the lash, we're gonna use only half of it. I usually suggest cutting off and you think you're gonna wanna cut off like this because you can go back in and add more if you cut too much. So, gonna have you look down and look at me. Perfect. That's a great amount. So now we wanna cut the other lash to make sure they're equal. I'm gonna have you look down. Even thought they are different eye, you know, just two different eye, you wanna make sure the lash looks good on both eyes even if you cut them with the same eye 'cause one might be a little different. You might need lots of lash or more. So, now that we've got this lashes perfectly tailored for Piper's eye shape, I wanna point out something out that is common issue when you're doing lash at home and that's for some reason, they make a lot of lashes with a clear bend but instead of that being invisible on your eyelid, you can actually see the little clear spaces of the plastic and it might reflect often and looks horrible. So, if you want your lashes to look real, I suggest take a black eyeliner, anyone will do, whatever you're using and go in there (??) is easiest and just put a little thick layer of liner right over that bend. In that way... This one wants to move. That way you can ensure that you're not gonna see a clear bend when you go in and apply it. This is so hard to cover it up once it's on your eye. Okay. So, now, next step, you wanna grab some glue. My favorite glue is the water soluble glue. I would never use anything permanent, you know, that's only for the professional and you want something ... I like the one with dry clear. Sometimes, you will see one with dry black but realistically it's just more work because if you get it anywhere you don't want it and have a black spot on your eyelid which isn't gonna be cute. Take your lash in your hand. I like the bend the cue tip, put a little glue on it and then you just wanna put a dental floss thin amount all the way across this lash line and then really make sure you get on the end 'cause it's not hot when the lash comes off. That won't happen, don't worry. After you take glue on, you wanna let it fit for probably about 30 seconds just so it gets tacky . It's gonna stick to the lash line a lot better. It's not super sleek if you try moving around, it's gonna be a nightmare. So, this is why... I'm gonna explain while this is drying. The best way to put on lashes at home is to look in your mirror, put your head back, look down and look into your mirror, you just wanna drop that lash on to your own lashes and then press it in to that little ridge where your lashes meet your lids because if you get it on the lid and not the lash line, it's not gonna look natural, will also have a little bit of time to press into place if it's not perfect. You can use a toothpick or maybe a makeup brush to kind of shimmy it down in the exact location on the lash line. So, now we're gonna start with her right eye. May I have your head up, look down, and I'm just gonna drop it right ob the lash line and press it into place. Look at me. Perfect. Have you look down. I always suggest people look in the mirror, make sure that it's in the right place before you really press it in. When using a thin little brush , I'm just gonna press down, press it in. You always know if it's in the right place 'cause you'll feel it pressing into that ridge. Do you feel that Piper? Yeah. It's still secure, safe. When I (??), (??) clear. So, you don't have to worry about that and now that we finish the first eye, we're gonna go and do the second now. Repeating the same process. Again, I'm gonna drop it right on to lash line. The second eye, what you really wanna make sure is that it's lined up in the same place as the other eye so that, you know, you don't start in, you know, farther over the one side of the other. Perfect. Now that we've got it on, we're gonna take a brush, you have any tool at home, even a tweezers work, just make sure not tweezing. We're gonna press this in. Never wanna close your eyes, not during the process, when almost drying. The second you close your eyes, it squishes up and really can force that lash and turn to a position you don't like. Okay. Look at me. There's something else that can happen at home and hasn't happen with Piper, there's some time, the top lashes and the bottom lashes would get connected. Have you look up. You just wanna take your brush or whatever you have and go in there and you kind of separate them just like that so that they're not attached anymore 'cause it will bother you all night. Once the lashes are dry, if you feel like you need to touch up your liner, you can go back in there and add a little bit more. Otherwise, you're ready to hit to come.