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How to Apply Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner isn't just for dry cleans. Anybody can wear it. It's just about how (peacefully?) you want to apply it. In case well I guess that's in the eye of the beholder so for me I like to start light with my glare eye liner and depending on where I'm going. I might up to and see a club maybe a little bit more as in dinner with mom and dad a little bit less. It's up to you but what I'm gonna do is to show you how to apply it and then where you take it from there it's up to you. What I'm gonna do is start a model put a little bit of shadow on her and a little bit of regular black liner because the glitter isn't so much defining as it is flashy. So we're gonna have to find her eyelid a little bit and put the liner on and then we're gonna go with the glitter as (??). Gonna see what it can do. So that'll be (??) a little bit of eye shadow and we smudges this liner into her lash line. We're gonna start applying the glitter now and for you at home I would say think about your eye shapes and where you want to shine and how was... with the best placement I should say. So for Jamie I mean she got great eyes. You can apply and see much any place. We're gonna probably put the glitter right about here where her shadows is lightest and then kinda diffuse it into this lash line but open your eyes Jamie. Other fan places to put glitter eyeliner include the inner corner of the eye right here or you could draw a graphic liner and pops it out here I mean those really know stopping where you can put it a (toilette fued?) just be careful because you don't want in your eye. You could really hurt yourself. So what we're gonna do is start up mixing the glitter. You might be able to design I mean of course you can sign glitter eyeliner that's or in a pencil, liquid glitter eyeliner. I'm just gonna make my own and if you want to do that all you need to do is go get a mixing medium and get one of any fashion makeup store. This is great 'cause you can take anything and turning it into liner if you have a hallow shadow glitter whatever it might be. And (Jamie?) look down into your left. See the glitters that's kinda build if you wanted to get it on fix if you look down in another direction. Look at me. And open up 'cause go what I (got?) found. So this is a very light application of the glitter eyeliner it's like you could wear this out to cocktails or early evening any restaurant but if you're going to the club and you got a really fun outfit you don't want to put it on a bit (on?) so let's add some on the bottom. (And then?) look up. So we added a little bit more dark around the eye and then we're gonna go in and put a little bit more glitter on. So there you have it easy where to apply glitter eyeliner at home. You can use the mixing medium like I did just mix a little bit of it with you glitter and using angle brush to apply it wherever you want. Placements important so wherever you put it is gonna be brighten to that area and it's gonna be where everybody's eye were drawn when I look at you so if it's not where you wanna really looking don't put it there and then I like the contrast the glitter with something darker to define the eyes so we use the dark liner and if glitter gets all over you wash it well a great way to clean up is using a make up wipe some kind of cold cream of lotion and then just brush away the excess glitter so at the end of the night when you wash it off it's gonna be everywhere so be (concerned?).