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How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

Individual lashes are one of the easiest things to try at home and to be honest, one of the most natural. Of course, you're gonna always to take it to the next level and throw some extra long ones on the end but truly if you think about it, doing a strip lash, you have to line up the entire lash line perfectly or they're gonna look weak and the outcome wonky. So if you're using individual lashes, this is little trick small point you have to line up. So it's pretty easy to get that natural blended look if you take the time to make sure you apply the same amount of lashes to both eyes. So what you're gonna do is go out to the store and get yourself a couple different sizes of lashes. You can get these in Walgreens, you can get them at the department store. You can get them anywhere you want. The point is just get multiple sizes. So small, medium, long length, you can have a couple different lengths 'cause your lashes are not the same length all the way across and then you wanna get some kind of glue, lash glue. I like white glue. It dries clear versus black glue that dries black because at least the clear you won't see if you put in the wrong place and then when you're looking at home when you do this, you're gonna put your head back and look down into your mirror and you don't wanna close your eyes 'cause when you close your eyes, it changes the shape of lid and then the lashes aren't gonna fit smoothly and you just wanna make sure you get the lashes right in that ridge where the lashes meet your lash line and then you're set. So we're start with the small lashes. It's a short length. Pluck one out, dip it in your glue and we're just gonna start right in the center of eye. Where you start is up to you. What's nice about these two is unlike strips, you don't have to wait for the glue to dry. You can just go right in. We're gonna get some long. We'll only put about 3 lashes on. It's really not a lot. Okay. What I try to do from time to time is look up, you know, look in the mirror, look down and kinda see if there's a drop-off point where all of them is long or short where you need to fill in. So now we've applied some medium and some long... some short and some medium lashes. I'm gonna see how long lashes will look because I'd like to start more natural and then build the length versus starting really long and then trying to fill it in. See how a long lash work on you. We have plenty of glue. You see, we're just cleaning out the sides with. Look at me. So that's beautiful. So we're just gonna put a little bit of glue on that. Just for a little extra something. Now that we have completed the first side, we're gonna start the other side and you really just wanna kind of mimic the same shape that you've done. So we started in the center of the eye with this size. Starting with medium to short lashes and then building up to medium to long. So we're gonna do the same thing over here and then after we finish, we'll perfect our eye liner to make sure everything is the same. Once again, you really wanna make sure you get the lashes right parallel next to the lash line laying on top of your actual natural lashes. That way there's no space in between the lashes and it looks more natural. So now that we've applied all the lashes on both eyes, we're gonna let this dry and when the glue turns clear, you can touch up your liner and that way you're gonna get a more seamless look and it's a little bit more natural. So now that the lash glue is dried, you wanna go back in and perfect the liners so they're crisp and black on both sides and even. So I'm gonna be using a water resistant liner so that if her eye catches some water, it won't run and we're going right over the lash line. I'm just gonna dab this along and now I like to use my angle brush to apply in those kinda hard to reach spots. I want you to look down. And once the lashes have dried, another trick you can do is just look down and then press up on them. This a natural easy way to curl the lashes. You can if you want put your eyelash curler up close. Get them in there and give them a little curl but you have to be really, really gentle 'cause there are synthetic hair. Even natural hairs still curl really, really fast. Not like your normal lashes. So you don't wanna pump it to your eye... a gentle pump will be enough but I think it's enough to just kind of press... I would say groom the lashes upwards like this just using your thumb. So just to reiterate from the beginning, the most important thing is prep the eyelid, get your shadow done. Put on your mascara. The last thing you're gonna do is put on your individual lashes. I like to lay a track of liner black usually. It splits the false lashes right where I'm gonna put them so that I know exactly where I'm going which is right next to the lash line. You just need a little bit of glue at the tips of the lashes and you're just gonna start on the same place on both eyes and work your way out usually going with the shortest lashes on the inner corner to the longest on the outside unless you have a more rounded eye and you want the longer lashes to come up in the center. It's really preference but most common is short to long. Once the lash goes dry, you can go back in with some liner and touch it u and now you're ready to go all night.