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How to Choose the Best Lipstick Shades for Brunettes

The best lipstick shades for brunettes will flatter your skin tone and complement your eye color. If you’re a brunette, you have a lot of options open to you and can expect to have plenty of brands and manufacturers catering to your look. Once you know how to take into account your hair shade, skin tone, and eye color combination, finding the shade of lipstick that looks perfect is a snap.

Today, we're gonna talk about some great ways to complement brown eyes with your lipstick choice and really, it's more than just your eyes, it's your skin tone, it's your hair, it's everything pulled together should help you pick out a great lipstick. So with our model today, Jew, she's brown eyes, brown hair, great tan. She can do a lot of different colors. So I say this to everybody because I have people come in and they're like, "Oh I love your hot pink lipstick." You know, and I'm like, "Oh you can wear it too." They're like, "No, I can never wear hot pink. I can only wear beige." Lies. Anybody can wear a bright color. It's just picking the right tone. So we're gonna talk about tone later when we get in to a bold lip. We're gonna start out with something soft, sexy and neutral that you can wear during the summer, during the winter with a smokey eye, with a bare face. This is just your everyday lipstick color. It's for the girls who doesn't wanna wear that hot pink lipstick. we're gonna start by prepping the lips. I'm a huge fan of using lip primer. Lip primer has a little bit of silicon in it and it seals in all those fine lines and keeps your product on longer and keep everything looking smooth. Now, we're gonna go on with some lip liner and this is a neutral shade. This is gonna match her lip tone and we're gonna fill in the whole lip and then we're gonna come out and shape the lip with it using short feathery strokes. This is a great lip liner. If you have some kind of scar or some kind of little blotch on your lip where you need to fill because it's so close to the shade of your lips, you can just go right over and draw that line. This is also great for overdrawing the lips. So we pick out a neutral pink. So we're gonna take a little lip brush, pick up a little bit of this product and we're just gonna dab this on across the lip. With lipstick and blush, if you wanna look natural, best thing to do is to go with the natural tone that you find in your face and just enhance it. Now, we're gonna go in with some gloss and with gloss, there's a couple different things to consider. If you pick out a gloss that has big particles of glitter or shimmer in it, what those particles are gonna do whether they're gonna reflect lots of light and it's like, thing, bam. You know, your lips look for. If you want your lips to remain the same size they are and not look super full, you just want something shiny. It's still gonna give them a little bit of a pout. So what we're gonna do is use something with creamy quality, pink, kinda shear. We're just gonna put that right in the center of the lips. This is a great lip color for her to wear day to day. It goes with her eye shade, it goes with her hair color, skin tone. It looks really natural and sexy. So now, we're gonna do the bold look for night and we are prepping her lips again with a little bit of primer because you definitely wanna prep your lips if you're doing bold lipstick. There's nothing worst than lipstick feathering across your face which, you know, if you have that problem and you really wanna protect yourself, I love to get an eyebrow pencil, this wax, clear. Take that clear wax pencil and you can trace your whole lip with it and nothing is gonna bleed. Next thing we're gonna do is line the lips and even though we're gonna do an orangey-red which is gonna be very beautiful on her, we're just gonna use a red lip liner because I don't have an orangey-red lip liner and that product is gonna cover up the red so you don't have to worry about being matchy matchy with your lip liner but you do have to worry about getting it on perfectly. So what we're gonna do is fill in the whole lip like we do before starting at the center and working our way out. And 1 tip for doing lips, you don't try to go from this side all the way to this side. Start to the center and do a symmetrical application of the liner. So if you're here, you know, you're gonna brush up this way. On the other side, you're gonna do the same thing and use short stroke. Something I like to have on hand when, you know, I'm getting any kind of bold lip and I always tell my friends at home who are trying to get bold lipstick, get some... have a lip makeup remover at home and have it on hand and you can always dip a makeup in that eye makeup or lip makeup remover and just use it to stencil around the lip and clean up any mistakes you made. Now, we can go in with this lipstick which as you can see is already kinda cancelling out that blue and having a really reach layer of orange on the lips. What's nice about this color is it's kind of unexpected. You know, you don't see it a lot. And we're gonna go and clean up. What we're using is a makeup remover that stays for the eyes and the lip. I mean, if you really wanna be risky, you could use eye makeup remover around your lips but this is a product that's specifically used to remove like long lasting lipstick, et cetera. So if it gets in your mouth, it's not gonna poison you. Then after we do that, we gonna go with powder which will also help make the bold look, bold lip with extra crisp. So that's how you do a fantastic bold lip to complement brunette hair. I love the red and the orange and the set of this color. It's kinda matte, not shiny and nothing says confidence like a bold lipstick or maybe a hot but either 2 things, when you wear them out, people are gonna be looking at you and saying, "That girl got style." So if you wanna do this look at home, just remember, you're gonna want to prep your lips first with some kind of lip primer, not ChapStick. You're gonna wanna go on with a lip liner and fill in the whole lip and make sure you seamlessly cover the entire area and make sure it's always symmetrical. Take your time, then you wanna top it with your lipstick of choice and finally, if you make a mistake, don't freak out. Just grab some makeup remover that's safe for the lip area. You can go in with a really thing small flat brush to clean it up a little bit. Throw on some powder and you're out the door and that's the perfect way to do a bold lip at home. And then again, if you decide bold lip is in for me, I'm not there yet, don't fret. You can do the lip we started off with. Similar application just remember to pick a lip liner that's the same tone as your lipstick and your lips and really blend it out, soften it. And if you want something more voluptuous, go in there with something sparkly. If you want your lips to look a little more neutral and not stealing the show from your eyes then you can go with something a little bit glossier, less sparkle. So this are my tips for a hotter compliment your skin tone and your hair for a brunette by picking out the perfect lipstick.