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How to Create a Cat Eye

The Cat Eye popularized by Cleopatra is still pretty popular today and its not that hard to actually achieve this look and it's really easy to tailor it to your own eye and your own personal taste. So today I'm gonna show you on Jaime how to do the Cat Eye and realistically, there's a million ways you can change it, alter it. So I'll tell you about those in 1 way or two. Not just 1 Cat Eye. There's a million. Each one tailored to each eye. We'll set up for the eye base. You definitely wanna prep the lids because every time you're using a gel or a liquid eyeliner, the possibility for it to smudge and move around is high so this is a great way to prepare the lid for loads of black liner. We're gonna do is dust of all shadow across her lid something light and shimmery. This is a great contrast on that dark liner. So it's very common to do just a matte lid something, you know, very moderate sleek and no shimmer. It's really just up to you. Just go in and do the slightest contour. Can you look at me? Now, it's time to start with a liner. There's couple different ways you can do this and once again, this is preference. Some people I know use a pencil for the entire thing which works great for them, other people are big fans of liquid liner. I personally prefer the gel liner with a brush. I find that to be the easiest for me to apply and then I use a pencil liner for inside the eyes. First, let's start with lining the inside of the eye with a coal liner in black. And look down. Let me see. So now, what we're gonna do is to use a brush with a little bit of eye makeup remover to just clean up anywhere the liner isn't perfect. This is a great trick anytime you have minor that you want to be a little smoother. You can use the brush also on the lips if you make a mistake with your liner. You get some lip makeup remover. You can use it there too. It's a great technique. I'm gonna have you just look right here Jaime. And look at me. Beautiful. Now we can get start and do the 2nd eye. So after touching up the liner, you're gonna make sure that your wings are ending on the same place on each side of the face and that's the same angle and then pretty much done. So just to reiterate, you wanna start with whatever kind of liner you prefer. I like the gel with the brush. Mine is in the eye first with a coal liner and then take your time, try to keep everything even and symmetrical and any mistakes you make, you can just clean up with a little makeup remover on a flat brush. This look is hot. Pair it with a light gloss and your favorite all black outfit and get some high heels and you're ready to go.