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How to Create a Natural Makeup Look for Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you’re probably stressing over so many details that you haven’t even had time to think about your makeup. If you want to learn how to create a natural look for your wedding, it’s time to make time. Your look will be captured in pictures forever. Make sure that when you look back on the day you said “I do,” you don’t look at photos of yourself and moan, “Why did I do that?”

Not everybody wants to look like this on their wedding day. So, some people come to me and say, I want something natural. And by natural, usually they mean, no hard lines, soft lips, glowing skin, glowing blush. Basically, it's just an extension of their everyday look. Just up and balance, which I think it's great for weddings, because it's from day to day, you don't wear a lot of makeup. Wearing a lot of makeup on your wedding day is kind of gonna be like the girls who goes all out for prom and then the pictures are awful. So, don't do it. Stay natural. I'm gonna show you how and we're gonna start with skin. So, the first thing is perfecting your complexion. We're gonna do a little mist of this safe hydrating spray. This is gonna give the skin a little bit of slip, so when we go in with this medium coverage foundation, it's just gonna slide and glide over the skin. We're not gonna have to use a lot of products. 'Cause I wanna make sure you blend this against the skin. You can't see anything. If it's your wedding day, and you feel like you get shiny, and just tease on, you're gonna make sure that you don't shine. I look at some kind of modifying cream or powder. I'm gonna use a cream gel. We're trying to take a little bit of this. We're just gonna put it where we don't wanna shine. Just kind of just a tease down really. We're gonna put a little bit right through here, down the center of the nose. Just gonna take a little bit right through here, and then perfect. Next, we're gonna come in and do a little bit of contouring Veronica's face, to make sure that she has a more sculpted cheekbones, a more sculpted jawline, etc. So, this, we're gonna use a medium dark kind of matte brown color, with a big fluffy brush. If you don't want your skin to all be one color, it's not natural. You know, that looks very fake. You really wanna make sure you have a great glow. Next, we're gonna come in with some blush. Something neutral. Might... Let's gonna put that right through the cheek. Now, we're just gonna go in and do a little bit of highlighting. I've got a nice, loose, shimmery highlighter. And we're just really brushing it over the high planes of the face. A little bit down the bridge of the nose. Over here on the other side. Now, we're gonna go in and do her eye makeup. So, we're gonna start off by prepping the lid with some eye base. This will now be closed. So, since this is a natural wedding, we're gonna stick with something more natural. We're gonna do a light skin tone shadow, with a little bit of shimmer on her lids. Also gonna highlight the inner corner of the eye. We're gonna keep the bottom of the eye clean, 'cause typically, if somebody wants something natural, they don't want dark eye makeup under their eye. We are gonna put a little bit of liner on the top. After we put on that liner, we're gonna go back in with some shadow and just do a little light contour on the... On the lid. We're gonna finish off the eye with a little bit of mascara, water proof of course. And after her lip, and typically for natural makeup, you're gonna want to do something that tone that we normally find in your lips and then you're gonna wanna do something, maybe just a little bit of gloss. Nothing too sparkly, nothing too dramatic. This thing we're gonna do is put a little primer on the lips. So, when it comes in with a little bit of a lip liner and mainly on top, we're gonna focus on, just shaping that lips, with a little bit more define, you see that this is a color that quite closely matches Veronica's lip color. Now, when you're gonna come in with a little bit of a lipstick. Now light, pinky peach color. This is a more sheer formula so it doesn't have a matte finish with a touch of gloss to it. Now, when it come back in, we have a little bit of gloss. To finish in, I wanna set your makeup. Some kind of setting spray. Something that's hydrating. It's a light mist. This is a very natural look for your wedding day. Just remember, when you look in the mirror, think about your features and how you can be handsome without making too over the top. So, you're gonna wanna make sure your skin is looking obsessed, that you have a beautiful blush that matches your skin tone, lips that are just a little bit glossy and a little bit brighter than usual, and then focus your color on your lash liner. You can't go wrong.