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How to Create Evening Wedding Makeup

If you’re planning an evening wedding, chances are it’s because you envision an elegant, sophisticated ceremony. Or maybe you just want a whole day to get ready. Either way, you’ll need to know how to create evening wedding makeup that dazzles onlookers on both sides of the aisle (not to mention your betrothed).

To do a more dramatic evening look for your wedding. You first have to decide what feature of yours you wanna play up. Everybody wants their skin to be flawless on their wedding. That's a given. So when people think about their features, they typically go with either a bold lip or a bold eye and you really can't have both at the same time because it can be a little bit overkill. So for Jamie today, what we're gonna do is give her a deeper fuller rich lip and that will be the feature she plays up for her wedding and then for eye we're still gonna take the time and put on a beautiful liquid liner on top, paired with some lashes and a little bit of a shimmery shadow on her lid but nothing too smokey 'cause you want the attention to be on her lip. Now, that Jaime's skin is perfected, we're gonna start with her lips since that's the feature we wanna play up. I'm gonna start by prepping them with a little bit of primer. This is what's gonna keep the product in place and it will also smooth the lip surface, making the lip look flawless. We're gonna go right in now with a lip liner. We're gonna be using this other base. What we're doing right now is we start by filling in her lips and we are now using the side of the lip liner, using small strokes to trace the outside of the lip. Filling in the whole lip is we're using this product as a base and lip liners last longer than lipstick typically. This is a high wax content and we are going to top this with a gloss. We're gonna go in now with a little bit of lip remover. So, we can remove any product that is not where it's supposed to be like on the chin. We're going to top this with a little bit of lipstick just on the center of the lip. You wanna make sure using a lip brush for this because it's gonna be more precise than using a lipstick on its own. Then we're gonna go in next with a little bit of gloss. So, this is the feature that she wants to play up for the wedding. We're doing a bolder lip. Now we can go on to doing her eyes and we're gonna do a (crystal?) liner with (lashes?) which is gonna have her eyes pop but still not fight the boldness of the lip like a smokey eye would. I'm gonna start with a little eye base. This is what's gonna keep your eyeshadow in place all night for your wedding. You wanna make sure you put not too much on but enough that you cover from lash line all the way up to the brow. I picked a neutral color something that blends in with your skin tone and let's start by highlighting right here on Jamie's eye. It's gonna look really classy with the bold lip to have a lighter eye but still put a little shine on it. Well, if you're gonna highlight under the eye, right in the inner corner, you wanna wish a smaller brush for this. Have you look up and do a light contour as well because we're not doing anything too heavy with the eye. We wanna make sure that we give it some shape. So, use a fluffy brush. You're gonna wanna pick up a mid tone color. Something neutral. You wanna find the deepest part of your crease right there contour on the eye. Next, we're gonna go in with something a little bit darker just to really identify the crease. Now, we're gonna go in with a little bit of gel eyeliner. Just on the type of the lash line to give the eye definition and that way at least on the track for our lashes. We need the angle brush and we're gonna work right out of the pot with this, smoothing the product on like so. Let's drop the brush on to the lashes and then press it into the lash line like so. Depending on your eye shape, you may want a thicker or thinner line. If your eye is really round, you wanna keep it thin and if it's really narrow, you might wanna make it thicker to open up your eye. You don't have to worry about making it too perfect because after you put your lashes on you might have to touch it up anyway. You wanna definitely make sure you get some liner down by the lashes. I've put a little bit n the bottom lash line. Smudge a little bit of shadow and soften that (??). Let's look at the those bottom lashes in definition. It won't be an overkill. We do wanna go in with a little bit of waterproof mascara next and next I'm gonna put some lashes on Jamie. So we're not gonna put a full strip on so you don't wanna overdo it. She actually have great long lashes on her own. I'm just gonna cut these in half, size them up and then we're gonna pop them on the end. And you look at me. That's perfect. Now, I'll size up the other pair. Putting on a set of false lashes has a full tutorial (??) itself and we have one. So you can always check that out if you're interested in learning the step by step. We're gonna speed through this so you can see the final look. While your false lashes are drying, I'm gonna go ahead and do a little highlighting of the skin. Touch up for a nice concealer and do some blush. First, thing I'm gonna do is put a cream highlighter on her cheekbones. Above their cupid's bow, under the brow. Anywhere else, I wanna show the shine. Lightly the fluffy brush around the eye because it applies less product and gives you a smoother look. We're gonna start with a little eye cream to moisten the area and we're gonna go in for a little concealer. I'm gonna go in with a little bit of blush now. One of my favorite products for when you're going out in the evening, wedding, anytime where you're afraid you're gonna shine, is a modifying cream. This is something that's gonna kinda conceal pores and stop you from looking oily in places you just don't wanna look oily and put it to the forehead. Jamie has great eyebrows but it doesn't mean we're not gonna fill them in a tiny bit. On your wedding you want every part of your face to have some product on it to a certain degree because photographers need to pick up that definition. So, if your eyebrows aren't filled in, they're gonna... it's like they were late for the party. You know what I mean? No one's gonna see them. So, let's get just a little bit of color on those eyebrows. I'm using powder. Powder is a great option. It's very... it lasts a long time. I like to use gel if they're unruly and they need to be held in place. Now that those lashes have dried. We wanna make sure that we like the liner and see when you need to touch it up. You look at me. It looks pretty good but we're just gonna add a tiny bit more where I can see where the lash meets the lid. This is a fantastic evening wedding look. So wanna pick a feature be it your lips or your eyes and you wanna play it up because it's evening time so have your handed application makeup is okay so long as you focus on one feature. We started by lining her lips all around and in the center over a primer to really get long wearing lip color with a deep red and we added a pink gloss with a tinge of a purple on it to really offset that liner. We focused on our eyes, getting something really neutral using a shimmering shadow just on the center of the lid and I'm contouring it with a (plain?) color matte shadow. We added gel liner along her lash line and false lashes on the end, filled in her brows, topped it blush, a highlighter and a little bit of modifying cream to make sure that her makeup looks flawless.