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How to Create a Nude Lip

Some people ask me, how do you do a nude lip? And I always say, really simple. You just need to kind of get the pink out, go in there with a neutral color shade darker than your own lip and throw on some gloss and you're ready. But why the nude lip is another question and really it's about balance because when you have such a beautiful, dark, sexy smoky eye like this, if you go in there with a hot, bold lipstick, it's gonna be overkill. So, what we're gonna do today is prep our lips with a little lip primer 'cause you can't really do any application of lipstick without prepping the lips. I'm gonna smooth them out. It's gonna make all of our products last a lot longer. Next, we're gonna go and we're gonna line the lips with a very neutral lip liner. This is something that's basically the same color as Demi's lips and really gonna focus on upper lip giving it just a little extra, we're gonna overdraw it just a little bit. If you have a specially pink lips, you can go in with some kind of lip erasing product which goes a couple of different brands that make it. This is something that's gonna great to take the pink out of the lip. So, a little bit of this goes a long way and you're just gonna put it on almost like concealer. This is a great alternative to using lipstick or anything else because the problem is if you're putting lipstick on a pink lip, it's just gonna look pinker. So, this way you get a really neutral face. Another great thing about nude lips is that it makes you look fuller 'cause it's just a light color. Now, we're gonna go in with a nude lipstick. Here's two colors, something lighter in the center of the lips, something with a little bit more pink to just kind of frame the lips. We're gonna go in with a neutral lip gloss, pink but it's actually quite sheer and we're gonna pair it with a little bit of a super milky nude gloss as well. So, there you have it. This is the easiest way to achieve the neutral lip. Start by priming the lip, go in there with the lip liner and make sure you get the perfect shape, use something nude if that's just your lip tone. Use a product like concealer or lip erase to kind of take out the pink and then go in there with some kind of gloss, something more neutral, less shimmery, maybe in a flesh tone, a shade darker than your own and maybe a little bit of pink and your eyes and your lips are now in perfect harmony.