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How to Create a Smoky Eye

Thu, 17 May 2012|

I get so many request for smokey eyes no matter where I am if I'm doing a fashion show, if I'm at someone's house, personal client, doing a wedding. Everybody loves a smokey eye and everybody thinks it's really hard but it's actually quite easy. All you need is dark liner. I go with black. I say go big or go home. You could do brown if you wanna play it safe but dark liner, a matte shadow, a highlight and a little bit of time to blend and that's all you need. The trick is focusing most of the darkness at the lash line. So you wanna put all that liner right in the waterline. Get it in there and make sure you get in the lashes and get it around the lashes. Smudge, smudge, smudge, smudge, smudge. Line with a soft shadow, highlight, boom. You're out the door. So I'm gonna show you how to do it right now with Jaime. We're gonna start with black liner and we're gonna put it all the way inside the waterline. Now, it's important to know, you can't just put any black liner in your waterline, you have to use a liner that's safe for the waterline and that's gonna be a Coho eyeliner. So if it's not a Coho eyeliner, don't try to put it in your waterline. It probably won't stick and it won't look good. Can I have you look down? Getting that dark rim around the eyes is key. Okay. So what we're gonna do now as we put this black liner in her waterline. It will only take a little brown liner something less harsh. I'm gonna use that almost as an eye base right on the lid and I'm just gonna use the flat side of the liner and create a nice and dark line across her lid. And I'm gonna use my finger and smudge it. And a liner like this, this is a water resistant liner so this is a good liner to use as an eye base. Isn't gonna smudge like the black smudging under her eye. So that's key to keeping your makeup on longer but one of the things about smokey eyes is you want that smudgy one, you want that mess. Can you look up? No smokey eyes, not, no for (Sarah Lee?). The clean look is more about blending all of that in makeup right in to the lash line. We're gonna do now is take a dark eye shadow and we're just gonna pack it on to the lid, ready to over that minor base. And then we wanna soften the shadow by blending it out with a neutral mid-tone color. The most important thing is once you have all this dark around your eye, you need something to off... to kinda off set it to make it a little bit less harsh. So here, really pretty highlight. I like something lighter, brighter, and shimmery. We're gonna use something small, a flat brush. We're gonna put a little bit right next to the lash line. This is gonna really brighten the eye and open it up. I love to just touch my finger to kinda soften, you know, just tap the eyelid to blend it. Put a little bit on the lower lash line and then, maybe we use something neutral, a neutral eye shadow just to soften the rest of the eyes. I'm gonna match it with your skin tone. Just a tiny bit of a satin finish. And then finally, you wanna clean up under the arc. Smokey eye always makes a mess. So this is how you complete the smokey eye. Simple steps, you know. Prep your eyelid, make sure you get that eyeliner right in the waterline and then blend it out, getting lighter from the lash line out and just really keeping that eye just soft. If you can see a line, you're not done blending so just keep blending and just like the celebrities, you could have beautiful, sexy smokey eyes in no time.