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How to Create Beach-Wedding Makeup

Every woman dreams of a beach wedding. Sparkling sand, clear blue skies, the sound of light waves crashing, and the bouquet of the ocean air. If you’re lucky enough to be getting married in this picturesque setting, the last thing you want to do is spoil the scenery with a bad makeup job. Even if you’re skilled at doing your makeup in your day-to-day life, you can still benefit from these pointers on how to create beach-wedding makeup that will equal the beauty surrounding you.

I love destination weddings. I think it's nothing better than getting to go on vacation while celebrating your friend's special day my favorite thing to do. I also love to do make up for wedding because it's usually light and fresh when on the beach and it's not so heavy. It really goes with the vibe. So today I'm gonna show you how to get that pretty wedding look and I'm gonna give you some tips on how to make sure it last because one different stream walking on isle and walking down on the sand is that the weather sometimes is not nice to make up. First we'll start with the skin and the secret to keeping your foundation on is using a primer. So you wanna use something that got a little bit of air dusts into it 'cause you wanna our skin to glow and natural sunlight will play up of this nicely. What we also to do is make sure your make up stays in place as you quite possibly (stay?) a little bit in the sun and then I'm gonna go in with a little bit of concealer where you need it 'cause there's nothing worse than wearing too much make up outside. Its always gonna just shed off and you wanna keep it as light as possible just paper knits up and start under the eyes. We're just gonna really work this product into the skin. And use your finger to really melt the product and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not kinda be too crazy about making it perfect on the eyes 'cause if there's any fall out from your eye shadow then we're gonna have to go back in and fix that. I'm gonna use some powder to set it. Very light powder though. Once again you don't want so much make ups in your face. You want your skin to be able to breathe and you want people to be able to see it. Nothing goes better with I've been trying this in hands so we're gonna do a little bit of bronzing. I'm gonna use a big fluffy brush for this. You just wanna make sure you can shake of from that excess products and think about where the sun get naturally gets your skin. Just go in there and just start dusting along the hair line. And just some tips for ladies who were doing their hair make up. I usually start with make up and then do hair. So you don't feel you're messing up your hair when you're doing stuff like this. We're gonna do my favorite the three when we got them in come down, come out and do the job. Probably we're gonna add some blush the skin have a little bit of color. I'm gonna pick something's a little bit of pink and a little bit of (cool?) that's really compliments the blue eyes and the blonde hair and just looking at paper space just gonna start right here and just gonna work up probably looking me with it... Finally we're gonna do a little bit of highlighting on the cheek bones. I'm gonna use the cream but you could use powder and whatever highlight you choose and you wanna highlight anywhere so the sun is gonna touch and reflects do a (improve?) it down the bridge of her nose. I wanna adapt this along the cheek bone. You just wanna pat it with your finger like this. You can use a brush a 100% too. I love to use my fingers for anything involving the skin 'cause I really think you got a very natural blended look okay. (Another thing?) I'm gonna take a little bit of this highlight and put it right over her lips. Next we're gonna talk about eyes. To me when I think about beach weddings I don't think about dark smoky eyes. Think about lights natural make up but I do think fault lashes are necessary as any wedding 'cause you want people to see your lash line and went to look full and luxurious but you don't wanna turn the make up it's gonna move in shift in the heat. First you're going to take care your eye base and you wanna put... scrub that some lash line up on the lid. This is important to keep the product from moving. Next we're gonna go in with my shadow I suggest using a fluffy brush 'cause you don't want anything with too solid or you know packed on color everything gonna loose some fluffy and diffuse. So we're gonna pickup a light shadow and have you just gonna look down perfect. We're just gonna put this right on the lid. It's great 'cause it's gonna reflect the light and give her eyelid that (Dewey?) look and then we're gonna come in with some browns. We're gonna use some match shadow now instead of shiny and you're gonna look at me like that. We're going right into the lash line here look at me. And it takes me a little bit darker and we're gonna go with some eyeliner and then we can use that eyeliner to kinda blend out with the shadow and then come back and add more shadow if we think it's necessary. To the medium brown eyeliner and I'm gonna put this right on the lash line and then what we're gonna do is take this liner and put it on the upper lash line as well and for your wedding day I would recommend using a water resistant liner for this top. You're definitely don't wanna use a cool liner for the water line. You would want to switch it to a water resistant brown liner. Point I like to come back in and with a little shadow and it's really blend out what we've done with the liner... Cleaning up any shadow that's fallen and coming with the little bit of a concealer into the eye and I just want blend that out. Now we're just using a soft fluffy brush under the eye. Really come back in with some mascara now and the most important thing on your wedding day is to use water proof mascara because most likely if you're a human you'll probably start crying at some point and you don't wanna your makeup all over your face. The next step would be to put some bald lashes long which is a (??) to try out and itself but I'm gonna go ahead and do it right now on papers so you ladies at home can see the complete look. So now with the lashes on and I must say they looks fantastic. Where this top this look out which is a really light pinky (cool?) gloss. I don't think it's worth it to pick the time to do the whole lining the lips, lipstick, etc unless you have like a misshapen lip and you really wanna perfect it. These reality is on the beach everything's casual you just want your lips to be fluffy and shiny like your skin everything's fresh so we're gonna going with this light, shiny, gloss and I'm just gonna put a little coat right on the lips and this is a great way to complete the look. Remember ladies beach wedding most important thing is use primer 'cause it's gonna make your make up last so you wanna use you know foundation primer. You wanna use lip primer as if you're gonna be doing a lipstick and definitely you're gonna wanna use water proof mascara. Second thing is keep it light and fresh because you're on the beach you're outside you're gonna be moving there and sweating sun so you're not gonna wear a lot of heavy makeup and finally you remember to just be yourself and that's fun. It's a big day for you.