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How to French-Braid Hair

Tags: Hair Tutorial, Hair Braid By DivineCaroline How-tos 5 SHARES PIN IT SHARE TWEET COMMENTS (0) A French braid looks elegant and complicated, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn’t as difficult as it looks.

Hi, guys. This is Aubrey Loots from Studio DNA Salons in Los Angeles. Today. I'm gonna demonstrate to you a very simple technique of how to do the classic French braid. Step by step, how to section and how to utilize each piece of hair into the next piece of hair. So, we'll go step by step. I'm gonna choose to do a softer braid and not the traditional really really tight braid and I'm only gonna use one product. When I do the braid, I like using a bit of pomade which is very soft but it gives me more control. Specially, if the hair tends to be a really flyaway. You get a lot more control when using a cream based product which is a pomade. So, I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit on my hand and you might see me adding as we go along but I don't wanna over saturate it but I just... again all for control. I'm just gonna add it through the hair. You can see immediately that control flyaway and we're to comb it through a little bit. Okay. And now that we have our hair prep. We'll start in very French. Just take out the first section. You wanna work as cleanly as possible just so you can get your sections nice and clean. There you go. And section that all into 3 equal parts and again the pomade gave me a nice smooth texture to work with. So, we're just crisscrossing our section and as I bring... move your head forward here again. As I bring that hair over on the side, we wanna try and keep the braid as tight to the head as possible. Sometimes you work and you forget when you lift up your hands. I'm gonna remind myself actually to keep it as tight to the head as possible. So every time you take a piece over, you take another section from the side and you incorporate that into the piece that we just brought over. Get your head down for me. We will bring that over into our section from the side. Putting the center down and bringing that with my 2 middle fingers and then picking up in this section from the opposite side working it across. Making it nice and tight. And there we have our classic French braid. So, just a recap, a little bit of pomade just to help you with the flyaway hair. Starting at the very front, dividing the hair into 3 sections and as you move along, just feeding the hair section by section all the way back. If you like just to give it a little bit more than edgier look, you can actually take the pieces and pull them out and loosen it up a little more. So you can give it a softer fun and finish it off with a light hairspray and you're good to go. Have fun.