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How to Use a Lash Curler

Speaker:Are your lashes straight, not curly or curling in every which direction. If that's the case, you need one of these. Some of you maybe staying at home, I already have a lash curler, it doesn't work. Well, I'm here to tell you its probably because its super old and crusty and its time to go to your local drug store or department store and just grab another one. They're really inexpensive and its the most important is that you have one that works and if the hinging side is still fresh and... and then all (??) in this tutorial and your lashes will be groomed in no time and I will (??) . So, to curl your eyelashes is really simple, but the most important thing is that you get all of the lashes inside of this little grip. It's half of the lash there and half are out. It's not gonna look good when you curl them and then the second thing is that you'd get it as close to the beginning of the lash line as possible, 'cause there is nothing worse than only curling the ends. It's kinda pointless. So, you're gonna wanna keep your eye open for this. We're gonna have you look straight ahead Piper and what I like to do is just kinda do this motion until you get as many of the lashes in. If you look up just a tiny bit, okay and look straight ahead. And then once you get it, you wanna kinda clamp on gently and make sure there is nothing, like a little piece of your eyelid, to close that its pinching. How does that feel. I think you would have let me know if it wasn't good. At this point, you wanna give it a good medium squeeze. A couple of pumps here at the hand and then after you do that, you wanna pull out just a tiny bit of lashes up, stop, pump again and one more time, a gentle pump the end. Wow, I didn't know lashes could curl so much, but again. So, its really stuff. I like to do one pump right up the top of the lash line, pull out a little bit, 2 pumps pull out a little bit, 3 pumps. And you don't wanna squeeze too hard, you're gonna get a kinky lash. Just a nice firm pump. You'll know if you didn't pump hard enough, go back and then do it again. I'm gonna let you try another eye, what do you think? Speaker: All right. Speaker: Okay. Yeah, you just want them as close to the lash line if you can, give it a nice gentle squeeze... good, you do one more. Okay and I'm gonna pull it out just a tiny bit and give it a less firm pump. And then one more at the very end. Yeah, great job. So that's how you curl lashes . It's really simple, you just wanna make sure you get them all in the lash curler before you start curling and then I like to do the 3 pump method. Three ways along the lashes and that way you get the most natural sexy curl.