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How to Use Hot Rollers to Create Volume

Hi. My name is Aubrey Loots from Studio DNA Salon in Los Angeles and today I'm gonna show you a very simple technique of how to use hot rollers at home. On Mady today, I'm gonna use 5 big hot rollers and if you want something for day wear or something for evening wear, hot rollers are the way to go. Very easy to put in. Give them some cool down time perhaps while you're doing your make up, take them out and just flap out your hair and I'll show you how to do that. You wanna start off by sectioning the hair and with our big hot rollers, you can take pretty large sections. It's always good to flip out the hair that you're not going to be working with and you take a section of hair. I'm actually not going to use a comb to make it even easier for you to do at home. So you take a nice big section of hair like this. I definitely recommend that you use a light spray just to pre-set it preferably something that's going to be an anti-humidity spray as well. So for the best and most expected way to get a nice soft curl or wave is to pre-spray it with a spray, a light hair spray or anti-humidity spray. So we've got our sections. When you're working with the hot rollers, definitely keep them close so they maintain the heat and we're just gonna wrap the hair around. Get all the pieces that wanna come out. Use your finger to wrap it around. Get that whole section and what I like to do after I put the hot roller in is give it an extra little spritz for good luck and with your hot rollers set, you get the big clips that come with it and just clip it nice and firmly into the hair and there we go. That's your first hot roller. So I'm gonna continue working around the head and I'll turn around so you can see better and just take nice big sections. The bigger the hot roller, the bigger the section you can take. Just with your hand, add a little bit of your light hairspray or anti-humidity spray and certainly, if you do have a comb, you're more than welcome to use a comb or a brush just to brush that through. I just wanna show you my first hot roller but if that's an extra thing for you to do that you don't wanna do, you don't have to do it. Just use your hands. So we'll take another big section. We get our next hot roller and once you take the hot roller out of it's stationary box, you wanna kind of get it into the hair pretty quickly 'cause the more heat you have on your hot roller, the better your curl is gonna form. You don't wanna put your hot roller in when it's cool. So if for some reason it doesn't feel hot enough, go back and put it back in the box. There's your next section, hold it tight, get your clip ready. There we go. Every section you're gonna add a little bit more spray and the direction of the hot roller depends on the look you wanna achieve so if you do have a parting, go with the parting and set the rollers away from your face. So as you can see, it's getting everything back away from her face. Hot rollers are great 'cause you can multitask like I mentioned earlier. You can put your hot rollers in. They need a good fair amount of cool-down time. You can get dressed, do your make-up while you wait for your hot rollers to cool down. So it's very easy to with great results. So now that I've got to the center of the head, I'm gonna at this side and come in this way. So one side goes back, the other side comes back and then when we get to the top, I'll show you what we're gonna do with the top to give you that extra bit of lift. The sale rule applies with hot rollers as there is with blow drying. You have to use the heat and the cool to work for you. That's how we create a set essentially. So when you're putting something in your hair that's hot, you are temporarily changing the structure of the hair to what you wanted to. In this case, we're changing it to wrap around the rollers. So you're gonna get a round structure in your hair. The reason we have to wait for it to cool down is 'cause then it will take and set in the form of the roller. So heat expands and cold air contracts and that's how we get our sets and our blow dryers. Same thing with the curling iron. When you use a curling iron at your hair, you wanna set it, roll it, pin it and give it sometime to cool down so that it actually stays in that shape. We can also take the roller halfway through the length of the hair if you have long hair and let the ends around like that, push down with one finger and then continue to roll your hot roller all the way down and hot rollers come in all sizes. So if you have shorter hair, you may wanna use a medium or a smaller size hot roller and then we have it. Give it about 10 to 20 minutes to cool down while you do your make up and then we'll be back and show you the end results. Okay. So now, we have our set that's cool down and like I said 20 to 30 minutes before you take me odd the rollers ' cause we want that cool air to really contract a new shape of the hair. So when you take the rollers out, just gently take them out and look at that beautiful wave that we get. Really easy. At this point, your make up is all done. You're ready for your day. Take the rollers out. A good way to test that the rollers are ready or no, if you take them out and you still feel a lukewarm kind of a heat then don't take it out. That's your indication that it's not ready yet. You wanna make sure that it has cooled down proficiently before taking them out. Look at all the body. So exciting and again, such an easy, easy way for you to do it at home. Just having a lot of time to throw this in first thing in the morning and there are some people that are even daring to get in that car and drive to work. So now, we're just taking the rollers out. You can all these fabulous body that we have. You wanna add, just lean your head back a little bit. Just a little bit more spray just for control and you can put your hands in the hair and just shake it up a little bit just to loosen up and like I said, whether you want this look for day wear or for evening wear, it's quick, it's simple and the great thing about roller sets, they have the tendency to last the longest out of any kind of setting tools that we use. with a little bit of spritz so that will hold and there we have it. Nice, full, beautiful way. So again, to achieve this look, all you need are some hot rollers. They come in various sizes, small, medium or large. On Mady today, I used 10 big hot rollers. So all these hair was able to get into 10 hot rollers, about 20 minutes cool down time. I used a light hairspray or anti-humidity spray on each section and when I finished setting it and then I finished it off as you saw with a little bit more hairspray and just loosen it up, shake it up and you're ready to go. Easy.