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How to Use Makeup Brushes

Hey. My name is Katie and today we're gonna talk about make up brushes. A very important part about achieving that look, the desired make up look would be the brushes and a lot of people come to me and say I love what you did. How can I do it at home? And I say well, you need this brush, this brush, that brush and they're like no, no. I've got a couple of brushes I got at target. I'm fine. I don't need those. Yes, you do. I'm not just pulling your leg here. Brushes are very important. So you know, you wouldn't paint a masterpiece like Mona lisa with your fingers and you won't apply your make-up with your fingers either. Let's start by talking about eye make up and the brushes that are necessities to have the smokey blended eye look. So my favorites are fluffy brushes. This is what I call them. It's not what they're called but I call them fluffy brushes and a fluffy brush is anything that's loosely packed fibers like these and they're soft. So when you have a brush that is soft like this and you can push it and move it, what this is gonna do is apply less product to your face. So if this is a brush you are using to kind of get a sculpted contoured look, this is the perfect brush to blend out a crease. It's the perfect brush to lightly tap color onto the lid, to do an under-the-brow highlight. Anything you want to look soft and diffused. But sometimes, you don't want things to be soft and diffused. Sometimes, you want a hard line and in that case you want something that's tighter packed. Bristles that are packed tightly together and it's harder to move them. These brushes put more product into one tiny area. It's great for smudging. So if you have a little eyeliner, you can just smudge it like so or if you want to put a lot more product into the crease to really sharpen that crease, you can just go like so with more product and really build that. Finally, if you are doing graphic liner where you're filling in your eyebrows, you need something that's very precise. So I recommend the angle brush. This is a great little brush. You can go right in next to the lash line and just pack liner via gel or shadow on to give it a crisp, clean look. You won't be able to achieve that with a big fat angle brush. You need something that's thin and something that's compact but for the girl at home who is just starting out with eye make-up, these are the brushes that I think are a necessity. I also would recommend a little flat brush like this. Something that you can pack color on the lid. Not a necessity. You could use your finger but definitely something nice to have. All of these together at any fine brush retailer are gonna be around 80 to 100 bucks but these brushes are gonna last you for 10 to 15 years. Think about your cost per unit and just invest. Now, we can talk about face brushes which are also very important. So if you're like me and you want more white huey complexion, you want a bigger brush. Once again, this is just like eye shadow. The bigger ans softer the brush, the more diffused and softer the look. So this is a great brush just for dusting power on the face. A quick little blush on the cheeks. Not for contouring and sculpting because there you need something with more precision For sculpting and contouring, you want something a little bit more packed like this, something with an angel. If you are using a brush like this, just remember it has an angel for a reason. It sits into that particular groove on the fave and you wanna work with the brush and go in a direction of that crease and that angle. Something else, this cream brush. You're gonna want something that is not natural fiber. This is a dual fiber. You want something synthetic so it won't absorb the cream product. It's the same for foundations. If you were to choose to use a brush synthetic is best. It doesn't absorb the liquid or cream foundation. So we start where you want the most products. So if you want your cheeks to be rosy up here, this is where you're gonna start and go with the shape of the brush. If it's a circle brush, you wanna go in the direction of circles and then just build up the products like so. If you're gonna have one other brush in your brush pouch, I would recommend a lip brush. Anything that's synthetic and small and flat is gonna work and the reason I recommend this is you will never be able to wear a bold lip if you don't have a brush to apply the lipstick. What this brush does is that it allows you to go along the natural shape of the lip line with the product. So you get crisp and clean lipstick. So get yourself a lip brush, get in there and the time to apply the product with precision and look classy. You'll love it. You'll thank me and that's my tips on brushes and I hope you all go and get some new ones today and start practicing.