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Pilates Exercises for Your Arms

Hi. My name is Jamie Trout. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor and today, I'm gonna take you through a series of exercise to strengthen and tone your arms. So, Stephanie is gonna take us to the work out today. So, go ahead and lie back and we're gonna have you turn over so you're on your stomach. The first series we're gonna do is to work the upper back muscles but it's also gonna strengthen through your triceps. So, extend your arms back towards your hips. So, when you're lying, you wanna make sure you pull your abdominals then you're gonna keep your toes down. You just gonna exhale to lift the upper body two inches up the mat, keep looking down at the mat. Now, you're gonna pulse the back of the arms with... from the triceps, press and press, little exhales. Good, four more, three, two, one then go ahead and lower all the way down. Good. Why don't you do that one more time. Just exhale, curl the body up and now, feel like you're drawing the shoulders down opening up to the collarbones, good, little exhales as you press, press. We can see her triceps working on this exercise. Hold there and then go ahead and lower all the way down. Good. So, now that the triceps are warmed up, we're gonna go into a plank position so we can work your chest and your shoulders. So, from here and you wanna make sure, we're just gonna hold this position so you wanna make sure your abdominals are in, you wanna engage your (??), slide your shoulders now and, good, and head is right on top of the spine. You're just gonna hold here breathing though your nose, exhale out with your mouth. Good. One more breath in and exhale out. Go ahead and rest your knees. Good. So now that we have your shoulders warmed up, we're gonna go into a Pilates push up. So, Pilates push up is a little more controlled that a regular push up. So, you're gonna go ahead and step your feet back again. So, what we're (??) is go down in three counts. You need to do three inhales down. So, bend, one, two, three, exhale, press all the way up making sure you keep your head on top of your spine and bend down, one, two, three, ab in as you go up. One more time, inhale, inhale, inhale, chin up, exhale, press and go ahead and rest your knees. Good. Now go ahead and sit back and stretch out your lower back here. Good. Take a breath in 'cause if you work your arms, you wanna make sure that you really stretch to your shoulders, good, releasing your back, good and then go ahead Stephanie, rest. Great job. So, you can see when you go into some push up positions, it's really easy to let your head start to (??). So, you wanna make sure any push ups that you do, whether it's Pilates based or regular but you keep your head nice and stable. So, how do your arms feel? A little bit tired. Good. Good. So, that's the way to strengthen your arms, working your triceps, stabilizing your shoulders and then working the forearm in a Pilates push up. So, thanks for working out with us today.