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Pilates Exercises for Your Core

Hi. I'm Jamie Trout. I'm a fully certified top Pilates instructor and today, we're gonna go to series of exercises meant for your core. So, everybody always wants to do Pilates to get that long, lean, flat abdominal area. So, today, Stephanie's gonna demonstrate how to have that happen. So, go ahead and lie all the way down. So, we're gonna start first with an exercise called the roll out. So, you're gonna reach you arms straight up to the ceiling and now, you're just gonna inhale to nudge your chin, exhale, curl up to reach out for your toes, holding there and then rolling it back down. Got one more just like that. Inhale, chin out, exhale it up, holding with the inhale and then exhale all the way back down. Now, we're gonna do a fancy version of it. So, when you roll up, you're gonna lift your right leg just half way up, exhale it up. Good. Inhale back down. Now, the left leg. Exhale it up and inhale back down. Her form's beautiful. Keep going, two more. Exhale up, inhale down and last one, exhale it up and rolling it down. Good. Resting the arms down. Now, we're gonna move on to your oblique. So, you're gonna just turn to your left side. We're gonna go into side planks. This exercise is quite challenging. So, do what you can. We're gonna have this hand down on the top of your body, just hovering. All you're gonna do is lower this hip down to the mat, exhale lift back up and working through this bottom oblique, exhale up and exhale. One more, chin up, just a little bit. Beautiful and then lower all the way down. Good. Now, turn to the back. So, when you set yourself up for this, you wanna make sure your elbow's right underneath your shoulder, lowering down, squeezing your (??) so you feel those abdominals working, getting the core engaged, two more. Exhale up, exhale up. Good, and then lower all the way down. Good. Now, go ahead and lie in your back. So, so far, we've got the full abdominals, then we got into your oblique. Now, we're gonna go into those lower out. So, you're gonna extend your legs straight to the ceiling. This is an exercise we call a roll over press. So, you're pressing down into your arms just lifting the hips up, just a little bit, exhale, lower down. Exhale, really press your arms down into the floor. Two more. Good. Now, for an outer challenge, we're gonna pose at the top. So, just exhale up and up, three, four and lower down. Good, resting the legs. Now, the series out that ab serious. We're gonna go into our bicycle. Now, this is gonna put everything together. You're work your obliques. You're gonna add coordination to it. So, you're gonna bring your legs up to table top. You're gonna take your hands behind your head. Now, just exhale to curl the body up. Now, just to set it, turn to your left and bend your left leg. Good. Now, go into the rotation, exhale twist, exhale twist. Good. Try to lift up and off the mat pulling the abs and reaching those legs, long. Four more. Exhale deep, exhale from those abdominals. Good. Now, hold on the center and then lower the legs all the way down and rest. Good. Stephanie, go ahead and come on up. Great. So, that was the series of exercises meant to target every area of your core, your abdominals and you oblique, deep lower abdominals. So, if you keep doing that series, you'll see a major change in your mid section. Thank you, Stephanie and thanks for working out with us today.