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Pilates Exercises for Your Hips and Buttocks

Hi. My name is Jamie Rutt. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilate instructor and today I'm gonna take you through a series of exercises that's going to shape and tone your outer size and your (gloom?). So Stephanie is gonna take us there exercises today. You're gonna go ahead and lie all the way back. The first exercise we're gonna do is gonna target your gluten your hamstrings. So you're gonna keep your legs hip distance apart and you're gonna start your neutral position. From here you're just gonna exhale and lift straight up in your neutral and then inhale to lower back down and again exhale to lift it up, inhale to lower down. Two more keeping the abs engaged, keeping the legs nice and hips distance apart, last one like that. Going from here you're gonna lift your hips all the way up. Now we're gonna do pulses that you don't wanna pulse from your lower back. You actually pulse from the mat itself. You're just gonna release contract, release contract, release contract, hold it at the top lower all the way down. we're gonna do that whole series one more time just to really get in to the gluten and hamstrings. So exhale up and down, exhale up. Great. Keeping the abs at the top so you don't feel you're like going into your lower back and last one you're gonna hold up there and little pulses right from the back to light up and two little exhale three and four hold and lower all the way down. Good. So now we're gonna have to turn to our left side and gonna bend your knees in towards you little bit deeper. Good. Now we're gonna target this outer thigh muscles so everybody wants to have a nice shapely booty. So you wanna make sure if you do this you're gonna start to target this muscle here so it's gonna give you some definition and shape. So we're gonna do it little exercises called the book series. You're gonna keep your heels together and you just wanna open the top knee up and then close it down four times, keeping your abdominal in. Good. And taking variation a little bit further bring the whole leg hip high and then lower down, exhale it up and down and again you're not going very high 'cause you wanna keep it rightness outer thigh, hold the leg up here. Now you're gonna circle, circle the knee up and around. Up and around, little exhale as you go. Keep the abs in. Good then reverse the circle and around, and around. Two more. Good breathing through it and relaxing that like down. Wonderful. Now you're gonna turn over to the other side. Good. Drive the knees up towards you. So now it should goes to the side you can really see which muscles are working here. So you wanna keep the heels together. Keep the abs in and see how it's targeting right there through that outer thigh. Good. And now letting the leg hip high and lower down and up. So by changing and varying this exercise a little bit each time you're gonna start to get deeper and deeper into those outer thighs and then bring the leg up a little circles, exhale, exhale keep the abs in. Beautiful form. Good. And then reverse that one and two, three. Good. And relax. Good. So now we want the outer thighs as we're gonna target right to the back of the leg as deep into the gluth, so you're gonna (lean?) your stomachs. You're gonna bring your hands underneath your forehead. Take the (sit?) at about hip distance apart and then bring the heels together and connect them there. So this exercise called the belly frog. You wanna keep your abs in, you wanna keep your hip bones pressing down to know it feel little back. When you just wanna try and left your knees off the mat and then lower back down. Exhale. So you can see exactly what muscle group this exercise is working here. Good luck on there. Good and rest. Good. Now for this exercise you don't wanna lift the knees too high because go and lift your knees really high there see how it goes right into the lower back. Good, rest. So you only need to lift the knees about two inches off the floor so you target right to the back in the gluten and hamstring. Good and rest. Good. Come on up. Wonderful. So that series of exercises will target the back of the leg as the gluten and hamstring and outer thigh. So if you do those exercises everyday you'll start to see as definite shape and change in your gluten and hamstring. Thanks for working out with us today.