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Pilates Mat Series: The Essential Three Exercises

Hi. My name is Jamie Trout. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor and today, I'm gonna take you to the top three essential Pilates exercises. So, if you do these three exercises, that's all you need for a full body workout. We're gonna do exercise for your abdominals to strengthen your legs and to strengthen the upper back muscles. So, Stephanie is gonna show us today, she can demonstrate. So, go ahead and lie all the way back. The first exercise we're gonna do is called the roll up and it's meant to really target the abdominal and the articulation of the spine. So, go ahead and meet your hands straight up to the ceiling. Good. So, you're gonna inhale and exhale rolling all the way up reaching out for your toes, inhale and then exhale rolling it back down. Good. Inhale there, exhale back up keeping those heels down. Inhale to stretch, flex your neck and then exhale it down. Good. Two more like that. So, you really wanna draw those rib in and scoop the belly in as you reach over the legs and then rolling it back down. Good. Last one like that and exhale up, in here, go for that stretch, inhale, stretch the (??) and then exhale all the way down to the mat. Good. Rest your hands into the mat. Now, we're gonna go into our one like circles as you gonna start to target your thighs. So, you're gonna reach your right leg up to the ceiling, pull your abdominal and you wanna be in a neutral spine since with a little space on your back. Just circle the leg across the body and around and up. Good. Now, you can see Stephanie's keeping her body really stable so you wanna keep those abs drawn in so the hips don't rock and then reverse the circle and really point your toes so you stretch out to the top of the foot, really strengthen to those thighs. Good. Now, hug that knee into your chest, release the stretch and then reach it all the way down to the mat, good, going into the left leg, extend it up, point that toe and then circling legs around. Now, when you're doing this, you wanna make sure your shoulders are anchored and that the hipbones are anchored onto the mat and then reverse in the leg and around, good, breathing naturally, good, and then go ahead and hug that leg in and extend it down on the mat. Now, from here, we're gonna work up your back muscles. So, you just gonna turn over on to your stomach. So, you're gonna take your feet a little bit wider. Good. This is called the breast stroke. So, what you wanna do is slide your shoulders down your back, exhale to lift the body up two inches up the mat and then inhale to lower back down. Good. Keep your glutes engaged, exhale to lift, inhale to lower down. Good. Two more and as you lift up, you're gonna open the shoulders so you really wanna open to the collarbones, pinch the shoulder blades slightly together, last one and lower the body down. Good. Go ahead and step back on your heels. So, we're gonna fish with the (??) stretched just so you release to the lower back, release to the upper back and you just did a quick upper or full body workout. You need to start there again. So, we just run a release to the lower back and release to the upper back 'cause we just did a quick full body workout. Great job Stephanie. Come back to sitting. Good. So, if you're short on time and you need to do three exercises and that's gonna give you a new Pilates body. This is the exercise for you.