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Pilates Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Hi. My name is Jaime Rutt. I'm a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor and today I'm gonna take you through a series of exercises that you can do at your desk. So, what happens is as you work on your computer, everything starts to run forward, the shoulders start to get tight, posture starts to go out the window. So what we're gonna do is really strengthen these upper back muscles and do the exercise that you can do well sitting. So you're gonna sit up nice and tall here. The first exercise we're gonna do is called the spine stretch forward. So you just wanna relax your arm down by your side. Feel your spine as tall as you can as you inhale. On your exhale, you're gonna nod your chin and you're gonna round forward 1 vertebrae at a time, holding the abdomen at the bottom and inhale to lengthen all the way back growing 2 inches tall at the top and then exhale drop the chin to the chest rolling forward, shoulders relaxed and away from the ears. So you get a stretch to those upper back muscles and then lengthening all the way up. Two more like that. Exhale rounding down, pull the stomach in. Good. Feel that stretch and then inhale, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Using all of those upper back muscles and one more time, rounding forward and then inhale to lengthen all the way back up. Good now. We're gonna start to strengthen these upper back muscles a little bit more. We're gonna do a sitting version of the next one called our spine twist. So, you're gonna reach your arms out forward. You're gonna bend your right elbow and start to twist over your right and do 3 exhales. 1, 2, 3 and then inhale back to kinda getting taller. Good. Now to your left. Lift, pull the abs in, in and then back to the center. Good and exhale, twist. Try to look all the way behind you. 3 and back to the center and again twist 2, 3 and then all the way back to the center. Good. Relax in the arms. Nice. From here we're gonna go to a side stretch. That's (??) sitting and compressing your spine. We're gonna really lengthen through the sides of the body. So, we're gonna go into a sitting version of mermaid. You're gonna reach your left arm up to the ceiling. On your exhale, you're gonna lift up and over. So you feel the stretch happening to waist. Let your head hang down to the side and then inhale to lift up as you switch to the other side and then exhale rotating over, bending and the lifting all the way up. Good and again, inhale to reach. Exhale stretch. Keep the stomach pulled in. Keep sitting up as tall as you can. Good and lengthen and last time there, exhale, stretch and inhale to lengthen all the way up. Nice. So now you put some lengths back in your spine. So, I wanna show you the stretch for the front of your legs. If you sit for long periods of time, your hip flexes are going to get really tight and that's gonna start pulling into your low back. So Stephanie is gonna hold on to the chair for balance. What you wanna do is grab on to your toe. Now traditionally, you have probably learned to stretch where you pull your heel all the way into your glut. What I want you to do today is to squeeze your glut, press to the front of the hips. So, you wanna hold the foot a little bit away from you and then really press and scoop the tailbone under. So you feel the stretch to the front of the thigh and your hip flexes. You feeling that? Good. So, that's gonna help to lengthen out your hips after you've been sitting for 8 hours all day. Good. Go ahead and rest there. Good. So, that's our series for strengthening your upper back, elongating your spine, improving your posture after you've been sitting at your desk.