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Yoga Poses that Improve Posture

Thu, 17 May 2012|

Hi. I'm Liz, taping at my Studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles. Here to show you a few poses that improve posture. Now, it goes with that saying that all of the poses in yoga help to improve posture, because they help strengthen you and help you understand where your body is, in space. One of the great classic poses that you can do for improving posture is definitely the Mountain Pose, like we did in earlier video. Just learning how to stand up straight. But if you have a certain spinal curvature, as most of the population does. A lot of us suffer from (Ptosis?), which is kind of those slump, rounded shoulders. We drive a lot, we type at a computer a lot. A lot of things force us to be head in the shoulders first and like. So, I think one of the best kind of quick fixes for that, is to be able to hold a back bench for a few minutes and so, we're going to get on a ball. This is also an awesome way to start your practice, if you're feeling kinda sluggish, like I don't wanna do anything. Definitely start by laying on a ball. If you don't have a ball at home, something that you could use would be maybe a big pillow or if you have a type of sofa that has an arm rest on it, you can actually bend over that as well, just like when you were a kid. So, let's get up on our ball, and just start by sitting comfortably and if it's been a while since you've been on something like this and just take a moment to find this balance, see this. And have... Take a huge breath and gently start to walk your legs forward, so that you can actually recline your torso, over the ball. Now, the position you land is gonna be a bit different for everybody. But you wanna find something that's comfortable enough for you to sustain for at least 10 breaths. You may wanna tweak the position a little bit, kind of rolling back and forward. But definitely, allow your back end to start taking shape of the ball and also, elongating the spine. So, breath in to each vertebrae. Particularly, the neck and shoulder, and then start to play, maybe with the position of the arms a little bit. So, if you feel like you're pretty open here and you can progress, then try swinging your arms over head a little bit. Now, we're starting to really stretch the uppermost part of the spine. Inhaling into all of those cramp spaces. And if this feels great, you're welcome to stay here, as long as 5 minutes if you want. This is also a fantastic way to get fresh blood into the brain. So, finish off with a few really complete breath and come up very slowly, curling the chin and using your queer muscles to slowly roll back up to a sitting position. You should feel the difference on that, instantly, if you've been in the back then for a little while. You'll find yourself coming back to that place of equilibrium. I'm Liz McDonald. I'm taping from my Studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates. Those were 2 poses that we did to improve posture. The first one was Mountain Pose and the second one involved a back bend, either on a ball or a pillow or an arm rest. Whatever you can maintain comfortably at home. Thank you for watching.