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How to Do a Simple Updo

Hello. This is Aubrey Loots from Studio DNA Salon in Los Angeles. Today I'm gonna show you a very simple yet effective good looking up do. Perfect for that leaving the office, on your way to a cocktail party and something you can work up in 5 minutes by yourself. So today what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna start off with my model and through the crown area, do a little bit of teasing, fine toothed comb and just give her a little bit of height on top. So slight little teasing over the crown area and that look works perfectly for both one-length hair and also if you do have some layers in your hair. So a little tease for the top to give it some height. Here we go. I think we'll work here bangs over to this side. Okay. We put her bangs to the side, we got a little party on top and you wanna use a light-hold hairspray 'cause you wanna have the flexibility to brush up through and we are actually going to put it up into a ponytail. We just smooth that out a little bit. We got a grip profile going and take everything else with your brush. Just brush it back lightly. Really something you can work up in 5 minutes. And gain, I'm gonna give it a little bit more control with a light hairspray just to give it some hold. Something really simple, really easy. It doesn't have to be too perfect either. Take a nice rubber band. It will give you a nice, tight, kind of midway ponytail. Not too low, not too high. You don't wanna loose out our height teasing and we pull the ponytail through and we're actually gonna take a part of the ponytail. You wanna mess it up a little bit. We might mess it up. We're actually gonna tease the ponytail, the tail just to give it a little bit more texture 'cause I got some good height going up here. I just take sections of the ponytail. Just gently give it a tease. Take some pieces in the center and just push it back. You can add your light-hold hairspray to give it more control and make sure you got a couple of bobby pins ready and we're gonna take our ponytail. You just move your head forward for me. You're just gonna twist, kind of a twist and wrap action. I'm just gonna take it around and twist it around and you want these ends to stick up. Gone are the days where we do smooth, smooth ponytails. You actually want more effect, all these ends to stick out. It just gives it a little bit of an edgier effect. So and I'm using a large bobby pin just to secure it. I'm probably gonna use two. Go in to the ponytail and then straight down. That will give it a good angle. The one in there and again, large bobby pin and this on this side. Straight down in to ponytail. You can see, I'm actually encouraging the ends to come out even more with the light-hold hairspray. You can even pull out some more ends if you like. So visually from the front, you wanna see some hair coming out from behind your head. Finish it off. Make sure we keep our height on top. And there we have it. Really easy, fun, simple updo and again, something you can do literally on your way home before you head that cocktail party. So just a recap, a light-hold hairspray, a nice teasing comb, 2 big bobby pins, a rubber band, and there you have it, a simple updo.