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Choosing Your Best Eyeliner: Cream vs. Pencil

My eyes are my favorite feature, and I love to play them up using eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. I’ll be the first to admit that choosing the best eyeliner can be difficult simply because there are so many different options available. When choosing a user friendly, everyday eyeliner the choice comes down to cream vs. pencil. This tutorial will help you weigh the options and choose the product right for you.

To the naked eye, all eyeliners may seem the same. They all seem to come in the same packaging. They all look the same. Lisa is about... My best friend told me, and she's not into makeup. But once you start playing with the eyeliners, certainly when you start wearing them, you're gonna see that there are differences and it's mainly in how they wear, how they react to your eyelid, etc, etc. So, if you have oily eyelids, I always recommend going with something that's water resistant. These are less likely the smudge and move and also laying down the eye base before you put that eyeliner on, because... You know, if you've ever been somebody who has that little fine lines around your eyes, you start seeing this dark eyeliner moving to them. That would be you. You're going to wanna buy eyeliners that are water resistant and make sure you'd eye base underneath them. So, the other types of eyeliner though, that are cream and they're retractable and what's great about those, is that they're going really smooth and some of them are also both water resistant and safe for the water line. So, whenever you're buying an eyeliner, you wanna make sure you know how well your eyelid is and what you need to work with your skin, and then also where you're planning on placing it, because if you just wanna use the eyeliner to go outside your eye, then go ahead and get water resistant all the time. That's fine, but if you wanna put it on your water line, you need something that's for... Formatted for that area. Something like an eye coal. Be sure to talk to a sale associate and let them know where you're using your eyeliner and what kind of skin you have, be at oily or dry, to make sure you pick up the perfect eyeliner for you.