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How to Do Scorpion Pose

Hi. I'm Liz. Teaching for my studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles and I'm here to demonstrate Scorpion Pose for you today. Now, Scorpion Pose is an extremely challenging pose and it's definitely one of those party tricks that people wanna learn how to do it immediately. Wow, how can I do that? The other side of that is that it can be really intimidating pose to learn, so it's very important to take it one step at a time. Now, there are many benefits to doing Scorpion Pose aside from the fact that it's a great party trick. Think about it. It's kind of like a one stop shop. Scorpion Pose, it's an inversion, so it gets all the blood full, going towards the brain. It's also a balancing pose. You have to learn to balance on your forearms and it's also a back bend, so it opens up the chest and the heart. It's all of those things in one. Not to mention, it's also about learning how to develop trust in your own strength. So, that's the reason why we start doing Scorpion Pose and the number one thing I can tell you about it, is that it takes time and definitely, you take it in baby stuff. So, what you're about to see in my pose, I'm gonna start out on all four and I'm gonna come on to my elbows. I'm actually going to start working with the wall as well, so that it can give me a little bit of a guide once my legs are up, to start walking down the wall and then gradually try experimenting, taking one toe, and then the other away from the wall. If you only get halfway there... If you don't even get your legs at the wall, that's okay. It's one step closer to getting into Scorpion. So, we start from all four. Just like we did in Cat-Cow, with the hands underneath the shoulders, and the knees underneath the hip. And slowly, you're gonna come on to your elbows and you're gonna make a little nest with your hands. This is gonna be a nest for the back of your head. I'd like to get into Scorpion, starting with head stand. So, once I'm stable in a free standing position, then I can open my hands out like this and start shifting my chest forward. Once I shift my chest forward, then I can start walking my toes down the wall and if I'm confident enough, I can take one toe and then the other off the wall, take a few breath and then to come down. It's always reverse, bend the knees and come to a child pose, to give it a few moment. I'm Liz McDonald, teaching at my studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles and I just showed you how to do Scorpion Pose. Thanks for watching.