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Actor Josh Peck on "Red Dawn"

Actor Josh Peck talks about starring in the 2012 remake of 1984's movie about a group of mercenary teens who band together to defend their city from a North Korean invasion.

-What's going on? -Oh no! -Matty, we've gotta find dad. Come on! -I got no reception. -Try the radio. -What is this? -I don't know. -What is your kind of first run-in with the original Red Dawn? And when that-- when you were approached to do this-- the remake, how did you react? -You know, honestly, I wasn't very familiar with the original Red Dawn,-- -Uh huh. -but then when I read the script and it sort of became something that I started talking about with friends and what not-- I immediately saw what sort of an impact that it made for my friends who love the film. -Uh huh. -And that, you know, we were kind of on sacred ground here, so I had to be very careful to not-- -Yeah. -you know, do anything to hurt the memory. -Uh huh. -And then meeting our director Dan Bradley and seeing sort of his approach to the film and the pedigree in which he-- you know, he comes from. I mean, he's able to capture action sequences like no one else-- -Uh huh. -and that's really his specialty. So, hearing his approach to the film and knowing that we were gonna approach this 25 years later from the original, -Uh huh. -so, I thought we had the ability in which to pay homage to the-- to the first film and-- and, you know, give it its tribute, and yet, you know, do some really cool new things because of the technology and the two tech-- the new techniques that time has afforded us. -Uh huh. -So, I was nervous, but I was excited. -Yeah, yeah. And, going up more that of-- yeah, it-- of course a lot of you will know it is a remake, but did you just see it as two separate, like, totally-- like two separate entities, like you just kind of put the original out of your head? -I think so. -Yeah. -And also it helped 'cause I hadn't seen the original and I-- -Yeah, okay, okay. -I chose to not watch it because I knew there would be a temptation to maybe copy-- -Uh huh. -or imitate some of the things that I love when watching it. -Uh huh. -So, I took a fresh approach to when we were shooting the film and then the day we finished,-- -Yeah. -I watched the original. -Yeah. -It feels like I gotta know what everyone loves about this-- -Yeah. -and-- and I saw that per se. -Yeah. What was the training like for like the gun and the combat training? And how much did you have to go through and are you a kind of a combat kind of guy or a soldier? -Yes. You would say. -Oh man. Pretty tough. -Yeah. -Yeah, like, you know, I get really angry when I watch cops, but-- -Okay. -like we had to do-- I got to do six weeks of training with Navy SEALs-- -Uh huh. -and one of the cool things about this job is, you know, that you get to spend time with specialist like this, like people that are the best in what they do and they become so generous with their time and so the SEALs helped me get in shape and I got to watch sort of the-- you know, the small new ounces of people like that, the way they carry themselves. -Uh huh. -And-- And then we did boot camp for a week with Marines and I did football training camp-- -Okay. -for a week, so it was pretty much like a-- you know, just boyhood dream checklist. -Uh huh. Yeah. What are some of your favorite, I guess, mercenary or guerilla soldiers from TV, film, pop culture, or comics or anything? Do you have any? -I mean, for me, it's like I love, you know, films like Apocalypse now-- -Uh huh. -and Platoon and-- -Uh huh. -so those really sort of stick out in-- in my head and then-- and then there's like, you know, Charlie Sheen was in the movie called Navy SEALs-- -Yeah. -which I remember loving growing up-- -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -in that kind of stuff. So, I mean, I-- I mean it. When-- When movies like these are done well, you know, I'm-- I'm a big fan of the genre. -Uh huh. -This is war. You're fighting in your own backyard. You're fighting for your family. For them, this is just some place, but for us, this is our home. -It's up to all of us to fight for it. -Red Dawn rated PG-13.