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Actors Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich on "Beautiful Creatures"

Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich talk about their roles in the fantasy book turned movie, "Beautiful Creatures".

Mon, 11 Feb 2013|

-Are you a witch? -No. I mean, calling us witches is like calling those smart kids geeks or the athlete's jocks. We prefer the term Caster. I didn't mean to break those windows. Our powers are getting stronger. I can't always control it. Hey, you look nauseous. You want a cookie? The sugar will help. I made these last night from a cookie mix. -What was your first reaction to the Beautiful Creatures series? Did you have any knowledge of the books beforehand before you sign on to the film? -I've never heard of them before. -No. Uh-hmm. No, neither of us had. I got this script-- yeah, we both just read the script for the first time. And then we actually both had said no to coming in to audition for it originally. -Uh-hmm. -And then once we read the script, there were so much in the script that, I think we both connected to and-- -Yeah. -Then we went in and luckily they still were interested in counting us. -What I think-- I mean, I think what I love about the script was the wit and I thought it was so-- and which I think always relates to being human. It was funny, it was human. There's a-- -Yeah, there's a lot of really funny stuff in the movie. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -And the Thompsons they're like-- -Yeah, definitely. -That's really funny. -It is really funny. -I love the way we both-- -It's funny. -It looks so-- -It's really funny. -Funny. -No-- -We laugh a lot, yeah. There was a little-- -We had a great time. -How did you get into a head space of this world 'cause it's a very interesting-- -Yeah. -Well, I think that's the thing with what was so special about the script is like we've talked about how like in musical theater, they say the best musical theaters that the songs are always-- the people sing because words aren't enough and the way that I think the book is originally but also the way that Richard sculpted the script is that the magic is always an expression of characters. So all these spectacular things are getting-- slowly making my way to the entrance. -I love it, it totally make sense. -Okay. You know, that's fine. -I love this. It does, it goes somewhere really great. -So-- no, no, no that was it. -Yeah. -So all the magic, all the spectacular stuff in the movies, all rooted in characters, all rooted in these very human issues and actually, the title Beautiful Creatures refers to human beings. There's this whole the part of the book and it was in the script about how Jeremy Irons is talking about how you can be such a beautiful creatures you human beings because you hope and you have this foolish hopefulness and faith and something that you don't know about. -Okay. -This is kind of a new take on a new supernatural, you know, being I guess you would say with that, we see, we see like a lot of vampires, witches and I'm sure you're hearing this a lot. But do you think that witches are misunderstood? -Yes. We're really-- I mean, not that I am but, speaking for witches, I think-- -Be careful. -Witch is everywhere. I can't do that. I've actually met someone who is a witch who didn't interview with us. -Oh, wow. -But [unk] so I actually retract any statement on behalf of witches because I'm not qualified. -Right. -You just play one on this big story? -Just play one on TV. I'm not a witch-- -Yeah. Just wanna make that clear for everyone and not per one. -You could be a spokesperson. -Yeah. Spokesmodel maybe. -Yeah. There's a lot of issues, they need you know-- they need a lot of-- there's a lot of prejudice out there against them. -Well, you know, I've been-- -Salem. -Yeah, we're still finding Salem. -We're still, you know, it's like a modern day-- -[unk] I just like don't laugh too much. -Okay, fine. -Okay. Thank you very much guys. -Thank you guys. It was fun.