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Fishtail Headband

This quick tutorial shows you how to use two tiny fishtail braids to make one major headband hairstyle.

-Little champagne in your coffee in the morning, hoping you can make it through the day. -Who needs a head band from the store when you can make one with your own hair? But wait, there's more. This headband is made out of fishtail braids. I know, right? Watch this. -I'm inclined to roll with it, honey. -So you just wanna take a section above and behind the ear on either side of your head. This is what's gonna be your fishtail braid. Make sure you have enough hair to lay over it so that you don't see any holes. So a basic fishtail braid is different from a normal braid because you're only two sections instead of three. And, you're just gonna take a small strand of hair on the outside of one section and cross it over to the other side. And then just repeat until you've moved all the way down. The smaller the strands you're taking, the more scales you're gonna have and the better the braid will look. After you've secured both braids, you're just going to pull apart the braid and make it really wide and flat. Repeat on the other side. Once you're finished pulling apart your braids and making them wide, you just wanna cross them over and secure with a pin. -you gotta throw it all on the line. -Now, if only I could make a boyfriend out of hair. -It's like a runaway train.