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Horseshoe Braid

This horseshoe-braid hairstyle looks great messy and slightly undone, so you don't have to worry about trying to make it perfect.

-In some parts of the world, horseshoes are considered to be lucky. If you're like me and you consider braids to be lucky, then a horseshoe braid is the luckiest hairstyle of all time. So, you're gonna start by parting your hair down the center. And you're just gonna do a basic French braid on either side of your head. To switch things up, sometimes, I like to cross my sections from underneath as opposed to over. Once you've secured both braids in the ponytail holder, you're just going to gently pull apart the braids to make them a little bit messy looking. Otherwise, you'll look like a little girl. Just pull a part of the braid until it looks nice and wide. Now that the braids are all nice and wide and messy looking, you're just going to take each braid and cross it to the other side, and if your hair is long like mine, you can tuck the tail of the braid underneath itself and secure with a hairpin. My favorite thing about braids is that they look great messy, so they never have to be perfect. With this braid, your luck is never gonna run out with that mega-millions with me [unk].