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Mermaid Beach Hair

Get natural, beach-y waves with these hair styling tips.

Since seeing the movie "Splash" as a kid, I've strived for mermaid hair. Also mermaid fins, but today, we're just gonna talk about the hair. I do mermaid hair about ten different ways but this is my fail proof way. Let's get started. For best results, I like to start with day two hair. And because you're going for a less uniform look, you can take sections of every size. We're just gonna take a one-inch curling iron and wrap the sections around the barrel loosely. You really only need to wrap each section around two or three times just so that you're getting a nice slight bend in the middle of the hair shaft. For a more natural, less spring [unk] effect, I like to leave the ends out. Now that my hair is all curled, I'm just gonna spray me favorite beach spray which is Sachajuan's Ocean Mist. Now, shake out your hair so that the waves get all wild. Now, I'm just gonna put in a little bit of spray shine and throw on my shell bikini.