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Mermaid Ponytail with a Bungee

Dress up your average ponytail with waves, a hair bungee and face-framing pieces.

If I were a real-life mermaid, this is the style I imagine I'd do if I were going out for a sea jog, doing my sea chores, or having a casual cocktail with my mer-friends. I'm gonna show you how to do the mermaid ponytail by using a bungee which is an elastic that you hook into your hair. This is a great tool for any of you girls out there with thick hair and who have problems with the regular elastics holding your hair. So basically, all you're gonna do is pull your hair to one side and gather it into one hand. Once you get it all in one hand, I like to tug at the roots on the crown of your hair to give it a very natural and messy feel. And then I always like to have hairs coming down on the front too. So to use a bungee, all you have to do is hook one side into your hair so you have a very good, strong tension with it. And then wrap it around the ponytail a couple of times. And once you've wrapped it around enough, you're just gonna stick the other side of the hook into the base of your hair again. We have a really strong ponytail now. You can pull at the crown a little bit more just to loosen it up. And to finish off the style, I'm just gonna wrap a small section of hair around the bungee so that it doesn't show. Now that your ponytail is all secure, you can just kind of shake it out, separate the curls so that it looks nice and messy. First round of martinis are on me.