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Party Bun

Bigger is better when it comes to this hairstyle. Learn how to create this versatile, voluminous bun.

One of my fondest memories is when I showed up to the party with the biggest bun there. If you're a big hair enthusiast like me, then you're gonna love my party bun. Let's get started. The first step is to put your hair up into a ponytail. You can do it low to the side or up high like mine. Next, you're gonna tease every strand of hair inside your ponytail until you have a big beautiful nest. Oh, it's getting big. It's like a hair fascinator. Next, you're gonna gather the whole teased nest and gently wrap it around itself. You can make it as tall as you want or as wide as you want. I like to go for wider rather than taller. Secure with either bobby pins or hair pins, whichever you prefer. It's like I always say, big bun, big fun.