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Playful French Twist

Channel your inner Bridget Bardot and create a younger version of the class French twist hairstyle with this helpful tutorial.

Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

-Bonjour. I love a good French Twist. This is my younger, more playful version of your favorite Parisian Updo. -[Foreign Language] -First, you're gonna channel your inner Bridget Bardot and tease the crown. Gently smooth over the top so that it doesn't have any mess. Now, you're gonna gather as much hair as you want pulled up in a French Twist. Once you have a good side section, you're going to gather it in your hands and wrap it around your thumb a couple of times. Gently pull your thumb out, squeeze it to make it a little tighter and use a hairpin to pin it in place. [Foreign Language].