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Neon Colorblocked Nails

Neon colors and colorblocking are all over the runways in clothing, shoes, and handbags, so why not try out the trends on your nails, too? This easy colorblocking nail art technique doesn’t require any special gear or super skill but adds a touch of trendy to your tips.

Neon is hot, hot, hot this year showing up in everything from scarves and handbags to skirts and shoes. Why not extend the trend to your nails? I added the colorblocked look to only one nail on each hand. But this technique is so simple you could definitely do it on all your fingers. To start, gather your materials. You'll need several polishes and colors you like. For this demo, we used hot pink, grey, and neon yellow. You'll also need a base coat and clear top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply the pink polish to every finger except one. I chose my ring finger and let dry. Apply a second coat to get a really solid color. Paint the ring finger with 2 coats of the grey polish allowing the polish to dry between coats. Using the neon yellow, drag a diagonal line across the grey nail and fill with color so you have a triangle of yellow covering about half the nail. Let it dry- adding a second coat if necessary to make the color really solid. Once the yellow has dried, do the same thing with the hot pink. Starting from the opposite side of nail and running over the yellow. Again, add a second coat to make sure the color is solid and let dry. Apply a clear top coat to all your nails to seal and protect. And there you have it- a super simple colorblocked nail art effect in today's hottest colors. Try this trendy technique today.