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How to Blow-dry Your Bangs Out of Your Face

Keep your unruly bangs in check and put your best face forward with a simple technique that will give you lift and hold. Using your blow-dryer and a roller brush, you can force your bangs to frame your face—rather than covering it up!

If hair on your face is your [unk], I dare say your life's about to change with this simple blow drying tip. So for this, all you need is a blow dryer, a brush and some kind of a spray. It could be a volumizing or texturizing spray. I like Ocean Mist. So you just wanna take the front section which I call the bangs section and spray your texture spray on it. And I just use a round brush, medium size round brush. And it's best to blow dry away from your face so you get a nice lift at the root, so that it's not falling forward. Now I'm just gonna turn on my blow drier on high and blow dry away from my face to keep the bangs out. A little tip, you can turn your blow drier onto cool and let it set in the brush before you take it out. You can part your hair as desired. I like the middle. Now with my hair out of the way, I can face the day with one less obstacle.