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How to do a Sleek Ponytail

Learn how to accomplish the sleek ponytail, a stylish look for work or play. Banish bumps for good with these do-it-yourself styling tips that will have you sitting pretty in no time.

There's no hair statement like a sleek pony. It's one of the only styles I know of that says both "I'm strictly business and show me to the dance floor." Let's get started. So, first, you wanna part your hair. I'm just gonna use a tail comb. You can part it anywhere you want. I'm gonna do a heavy ones beside. Now, that your hair is parted, you're gonna gather it into one hand and use a boar bristle brush to smooth out any bumps. Really try to avoid taking your hands off of the ponytail and hold it as tightly as you can to keep it very smooth. Once you get all the bumps smooth, you're just going to secure it with an elastic. I'm going to use a bungee which is great because you don't have to take your hand off the ponytail because that would create more bumps. Hook one side of the bungee into your hair. Wrap it around a few times until it's good and tight. And then hook the other end in. Sleek for all your serious or sassy needs.