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How to Get the Perfect Topknot

Looking for a super simple way to get a chic topknot without spending a ton of time or attending years of cosmetology school? No problem. You can master this simple technique for creating a messy topknot in minutes.

Everyone loves topknot. My secret to the most effortless topknot is-- wait for it-- tying my hair knots first. Let's get started. So, I just start with my hair in a ponytail, and then split it down the center, and tie it into knots until I run out of hair. Once you're finished, you'll just twist it around itself and pin in place. And pull at it just to loosen it up, and shape however you want. I like the look of having stray hair so that it looks a little softer. But you can always spray those in place if you want. With a bum like this, you'll forget me 'knot'.