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How to Braid Your Bangs

Growing out your bangs but getting frustrated with long wisps hanging in your eyes? Don't take scissors to them yet! Try this simple technique for a hairstyle that not only keeps your bangs under control but also looks so chic no one will ever know you're suffering in silence.

Fri, 17 May 2013|

Whether your bangs are long or short, it's nice to get them out of your face sometimes with a French braid. It's practical and beautiful. So to get started, you're just going to take a section of hair right at the part and section it off into 3 more sections. And just get started on your French braid. I only add hair to the hairline section instead of on this side to avoid braiding the part right there. When you reach the temple, just start doing a regular braid. And then you will tuck it underneath the hair right here and pin it in place. And then I like to just separate the braid and make it a little wider. You can pin that in place too if you need to. If you're like me, some days just have to be faced [unk] bangs.