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Heidi Braids Tutorial

You don't have to be an Alps-dweller to love the look of Heidi braids! Try this easy updo that's perfect for women with long hair. It's a fun, playful braided updo that's perfect for a solution for keeping your hair off your neck in style this summer.

Not only are Heidi braids pretty, but they are quick and easy way to wear your hair even if you're not yodeling in the Swiss Alps. So to get started, you're just going to part your hair down the center all the way to the nape. Now that your hair is sectioned off into 2 sections, you're just gonna braid each one. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side. And secure with an elastic. And now is a good time to either smooth all the hairs around your face away or pull them down if you like hair around your face. And the last step is to just pull the braids up and cross over and pin in place. And just make sure to tuck the tail of each braid underneath each other. Turns out Heidi braids aren't just for milkmaids.