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Easy Sock Bun for Long Hair

Who knew mismatched socks could still be useful! Try this super simple technique for creating a trendy hairstyle using only an old sock, a hair elastic, and your own hair. If you have long hair—to your shoulders or longer—this is an easy last-minute fix for bad-hair days when you want to look chic but only have minutes to spare.

-Maybe someday, we'll break away. -For this perfect bun, all you need is your hair, an elastic, and a sock, preferably a clean one. So to get started, you just wanna have a sock that's close to your hair color and you're just gonna cut the toes out so that it's like a tube. You're just gonna roll the sock so that it's kind of like a doughnut. Starting with a ponytail, you're just going to put the ponytail through the sock and pull the sock down the ponytail, and using the hair at the end, cover the sock. Now, you're just going to roll it down and with every roll, you wanna try and move the hair to cover the sock more and more. -Half the time, falling in line. Do you know I also fall away? -And then you just wanna cover the sock completely, hiding any holes. -You can let them hide all the pain. -And in a single minute, without a single pin, your perfect bun is all done.