Divine Caroline/Videos//Black-and-White Striped Nails

Black-and-White Striped Nails

Jump on one of the hottest runway trends this season by decking out your nails in black-and-white stripes. Cutting strips from scotch tape makes pulling off this design easy as can be. Your nails will ready to make a bold statement.

Combine black and white for a graphic striped nail effect that's totally on trend. You can wear this look just about anywhere. To start, gather your materials. You'll need black and white polish. You'll also need Scotch tape, a pair of scissors, a base coat and a top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply white polish to each nail and let it dry thoroughly. You'll definitely want 2 coats to get a solid white. Once the white is completely dry, use scissors to cut thin strips of the Scotch tape and use the strips to create a stripe design on your nails. Press along the edges of each strip to make sure you'll get a nice crisp line. You can run some of the line horizontally and some vertically for a cool look. Next, paint each nail with black polish and let it dry completely before you remove the tape. Apply a protective top coat to seal the design. And just like that, you have a look that really makes a statement. Have fun with it.