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Blue "Water Drops" Nails

Mix it up with dull and shiny finishes using a single polish from your collection. All you'll need is a matte top coat and a dotting tool to get sophisticated nails in a snap.

Using a single color of polish and a matte top coat, you can mix up your nail look with both dull and shiny finishes. It's a subtle and sophisticated look you'll love. To start, gather your materials. You'll need a polish of your choice. I'm using blue. To create the dots, have your dotting tool and a paper plate at the ready. You'll also need a base coat and a matte finish clear top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply the blue polish to each nail and let dry. You may want a couple coats to get a really solid finish. After the polish has dried, apply a coat of matte clear top coat which will knock down the shine of your polish. Let this dry completely. To create the dots, pour a small puddle of the nail polish on the paper plate. Dip your dotting tool on the polish and add dots. And there you have it- a dull meet shiny effect that you can use over and over with the polishes in your collection. Have fun with it!