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Glitter Ombre Nails

Just a dusting a glitter will do for this sweet pastel pink look. Use a fan brush to gently work the glitter across your nails for a look that's sweet and bubbly. Perfect for a summertime wedding!

Glitter looks are versatile and fun. Try this pastel pink look that features a loose dusting of glitter on the tip of your nails. It's bubbly and sweet. To start, gather you materials. You'll need a pale pink polish, loose pink glitter, a fan brush, and a paper plate. You'll also need a base coat and a clear top coat. After applying a base coat to protect your nails, apply the pale pink polish to each nail, and let dry. Add a second coat for really solid color. Once the second coat is dry, apply a band of clear polish to each finger, working up and down the nail tip in a wavy pattern. Sprinkle loose glitter over the wet clear coat. Using a small fan brush with a really delicate touch, work the glitter up the nail and brush away the excess. Once they're dry, apply a top coat and allow your nails to dry completely. And there you have it. A subtle sparkle suitable for everyday wear yet special enough for a summertime wedding. Give it a try today.