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Green and Gold Color-Blocked Nails

Get your sparkle on with this eye-catching color-blocked nail art that pairs solid and glitter-infused colors. Get creative with endless color combinations. After all, you are the stylist!

Playful and fresh, this striking color-blocked effect is a mix of green polish and some serious sparkle. Here's how you can get the look in just a few brush strokes. To start, gather your materials. We used green polish, but you can choose any color you love. You'll also need a gold sparkly polish, Scotch tape, scissors, a base coat and a top coat. After applying a base coat, apply the green polish on all your nails and let it dry thoroughly. You'll probably need a double coat to get solid coverage. Once the polish is completely dry, apply Scotch tape diagonally across each nail pressing down firmly along the edge to guarantee you'll get a crisp line. Next, paint on the gold sparkly polish. You don't have to worry if it gets on the tape. It's there to help you get that crisp, clean line. Let the gold dry thoroughly before you remove the tape then apply a top coat to seal and protect the design. And there you have it, a simple splash of sparkle in minutes. Try it with your favorite color combinations today.